Netflix’s ‘Explained’ Says the Future of Meat Is Cruelty-Free

Not much has been revealed about “The Future of Meat” episode — which is set to arrive on Netflix in November — although, in the trailer, the clean meat industry is discussed. It is likely that vegan meat will also be discussed.“Cultured meat isn’t any different than conventional meat,” says Josh Tetrick — co-founder and CEO … Read more

Lab-grown meat also creates an unexpected benefit: Ethical zebra burgers

“We believe that the key to bringing this technology to the world will be enabling more choice for consumers,” he tells Inverse. “Right now, the vast majority of meat consumed comes from just four or five animals. This is because we have developed the processes necessary to domesticate and process these particular animals on a … Read more

Calling All Scientists — the Cultivated Meat Industry Needs Your Expertise

The nascent cultivated meat industry is growing quickly in terms of the number of companies started, dollars raised, and places where it is grown (Israeli startup Aleph Farms has even grown cultivated meat on the International Space Station!). But the commercialization of cultivated meat at economically viable prices is still a work in progress.In order … Read more

Avant Meats, Hong Kong’s First Cell-Based Seafood Startup Looks To Tackle Demand For Prized Fish Maw & Sea Cucumber

Cell-based meat, also known as lab-grown meat or cultured-meat, is trending right now with headlines about cruelty-free chicken nuggets and shrimp wowing inaugural tasters and Hong Kong-born cell-based seafood startup Avant Meats is riding the wave. Grown in exacting and controlled conditions in a laboratory environment, cell-based meat and seafood is viewed by many as … Read more