Md. bill would restrict what foods may be labeled “meat”

“Laboratory-grown meat will become more prevalent in the future, and this bill will proactively prevent these franken-meat alternatives from being labeled as meat,” Gallion said at Thursday’s bill hearing.“We just think it’s unnecessary. Not only are our members in full compliance with all federal regulations on the subject, but we’ve even gone beyond that with … Read more

Memphis Meats raised $161 million to grow meat from cells

The five-year-old startup said Wednesday it raised another $161 million in a new round of financing. The latest round of fundraising is led by SoftBank Group, Norwest and Temasek. It also includes flashy investors like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, as well as meat companies Tyson (TSN) and Cargill.That brings the company’s total funding above … Read more

Tyson Foods CEO on the company’s plant-based meat strategy

After investing in alternative meat maker Beyond Meat, Tyson exited its 6.5% investment in late April 2019 ahead of Beyond Meat’s initial public offering. “We have all the resources available to us from a culinary standpoint, R&D standpoint, manufacturing, distribution,” Tyson Foods CEO Noel White told Yahoo Finance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, … Read more

Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed sees a big future for plant-based foods

Bin Alwaleed admitted that there are still a few years ahead before plant-based products reach the price point of traditional meat, but was confident that innovation and scale would bring costs down over time. “These companies are definitely working on solving these problems, but the issue is they’re going to take a little while to … Read more

Unlimeat: Korean Plant-Based Beef Made From Upcycled Grains Launches In Hong Kong

Unlimeat is a 100% plant based beef alternative developed by South Korean food tech manufacturer Zikooin, and is made from grains, oats and nuts that would be otherwise thrown away due to aesthetic imperfections. The product is South Korea’s first homegrown addition to the booking alternative meat and protein industry. Source: Unlimeat: Korean Plant-Based Beef … Read more

Cultured meat is set to revolutionize the food industry

Eliminating the need to breed, raise and slaughter animals for food, clean meat – which is also known as cultured, cultivated or cell-based meat– offers a way to reduce the environmental impact of traditional meat production.Figures suggest that, compared to conventionally produced European meat, clean meat has the potential to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions … Read more

Breakthrough: Two women producing breastmilk outside the body.

We’re Michelle and Leila, the founders of BIOMILQ, and we’re on a mission to provide the next generation every opportunity to thrive. We aspire to produce a cultured, human-milk product that offers families a new option for feeding babies — one that’s nutritionally equivalent to breastmilk and cultivated under safe conditions using our first-of-its-kind technology. … Read more

Are insects the food of the future?

Insects have a lot of advantages as a food source. First off, they’re nutritious. They are a great source of protein and other nutrients. Insect farming could also be drastically more efficient than raising livestock. Raising bugs requires a fraction of the space, water, food and energy that pigs or cows do. Advocates argue that … Read more

NH Foods (Japan) dishes up alternative meats for family tables at home

NH Foods Ltd., a leading manufacturer of hams and sausages, will begin selling “alternative meats” for family home use, which utilize animal-free substitutes, starting in March.The meat replacements, named “Natu Meat,” have five items in the lineup including meat substitutes that look like ham and meat balls made with soybeans, as well as a sausage-like … Read more