Webinars ‘From cell culture to food’ May, 6/13/20/27 (2020)

With this intake form you can sign up for the webinars of ‘from cell culture to food, making it an European reality’. Webinar 1, 6.05.2020, 17.00 – 18.45: European actors The European Cellular Agriculture Scene: who are active now and where are we missing activity: Alex Holst Consumer Attitude in Europe and how to frame … Read more

Let us keep an open mind on ‘vegan’ meat

When is a hamburger not a hamburger? That’s the question many are asking as plant-based proteins are beginning to replace meat on some menus.KFC fried chicken made of soybean, pea and wheat protein hit the headlines even before anyone really got a chance to taste it. The restaurant chain limited servings to several thousand for … Read more

A Survey of Consumer Perceptions of Plant-Based and Clean Meat in the USA, India, and China

We found high levels of acceptance of clean meat in the three most populous countries worldwide, and with even higher levels of acceptance in China and India compared to the USA. These results underline the importance of clean meat producers exploring new markets for their products, especially as meat consumption in developing countries continues to … Read more

Virginia Governor Vetoes Label Censorship

Following calls from The Good Food Institute, the Plant Based Food Association, and others to reject legislation that would censor the labels of plant-based milk products, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has vetoed House Bill 119. Out of 1,291 measures passed during this year’s General Assembly session, this is the only bill that Governor Northam chose … Read more

The effect of information content on acceptance of cultured meat in a tasting context

We observed that provision of information and the tasting experience increased acceptance of cultured meat and that information on personal benefits of cultured meat increased acceptance more than information on quality and taste but not than societal benefits of cultured meat. Previous awareness of cultured meat was the best predictor of its acceptance. In contrast … Read more