Junior Scientist – Bioreactor operator – Mosa Meat – Maastricht

Academic background (BSc or MSc) in Cell Biology, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Bioengineering or related fieldKnowledge of and experience with bioreactor cultures, bench-top or larger scaleExperience with culture of mammalian stem cells & microcarrier cultures is highly desirable Source: Junior Scientist – Bioreactor operator – Mosa Meat

Japan’s IntegriCulture Raises US$7.4M, Largest Series A For Asia Alt Protein Sector

Japanese food tech IntegriCulture Inc. has just completed its Series A funding with ¥800 million (US$7.4 million). The round was led by Beyond Next Ventures, NH Foods and AgFunder, and marks the largest Series A raised by the cultivated food startup industry and the largest publicly disclosed by any alternative protein company in the region. … Read more

Barcelona-based CUBIQ FOODS gets €5 million for its sustainable fat alternatives

CUBIQ FOODS, founded in 2018 by Dr. Raquel Revilla and the entrepreneurs Andrés Montefeltro and Jordi Bladé, is producing healthy fats that can replace saturated vegetable and animal fat ingredients. In this way, the company promotes a positive global impact on the environment, human health and animal rights. It is also the first company focused … Read more

King Soopers adds Impossible Burgers to plant-based protein offerings

A King Soopers representative confirmed that Colorado’s dominant grocery chain began selling Impossible’s vegan product on Tuesday. It can be found in the “plant-based” section of each store’s meat department and does not come frozen.King Soopers already offers Beyond Meat products, a competing plant-based meat substitute. Source: King Soopers adds Impossible Burgers to plant-based protein … Read more

Future Meat Wants to Sell DIY Cultured Meat Systems to Protein Companies

The question is whether or not Future Meat will actually be able to make all of these pivots, especially within such a short timeline. Thus far they have raised $16.2 million in funding including a $14 million Series A led by S2G Ventures last October — which isn’t a lot compared to some other cultured … Read more

FDA and USDA Could Strengthen Existing Efforts to Prepare for Oversight of Cell-Cultured Meat

Soon, people will likely be able to buy cell-cultured meat. To make it, food animals are biopsied and their cells banked, or stored, for use. Then the meat is grown from the cells, harvested, and made into food products. Specifics on the process and the composition of the final product aren’t publicly available.The FDA and … Read more

Baby pangolins on my plate: possible lessons to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic

In particular, a crucial role may have been played by the bushmeat-euphoria and attached elitist gastronomies and conspicuous consumption phenomena. The COVID-19 pandemic will likely require ethnobiologists to reschedule research agendas and to envision new epistemological trajectories aimed at more effectively mitigating the mismanagement of natural resources that ultimately threats our and other beings’ existence. Source: Baby pangolins on my … Read more

Acceptance of cultured meat increases with information

  If people are properly informed about cultured meat, most are willing to pay nearly 40 percent more for it than for ‘regular meat’, according to research from Maastricht University (UM), where Professor Mark Post created the “world’s first lab-grown hamburger” in 2013. Now at UM, a study has been conducted on consumer acceptance in … Read more