China’s cell-based meat future: Calls for national strategy to accelerate sector’s growth

Plant-based meats are well-known and accepted in China such as Baicaowei’s recent plant-based sausage snack​ and Jinzi’s plant-based patties, and Greater China countries have seen more advancement such as cell-based seafood firm Avant Meats​ in Hong Kong, but so far, cell-based meat is pretty much in its infancy in the country. Last year, the Nanjing … Read more

Impossible Foods CEO: Meat industry will be obsolete within 15 years

“From a nutritional standpoint our products match the protein quality and content of the animal products that they replace” and “ours is a clear winner from a health and nutrition standpoint,” he said in a “Mad Money” interview.“This is why I think people are increasingly aware plant-based products are going to completely replace the animal-based … Read more

In 11 European Countries, More Than 40% of People are Eating Less Meat

In lieu of meat products, 33 percent of respondents said they were more likely to consume plant-based burgers. Consumers said they were more likely to eat veggie burgers if they weren’t genetically modified. Lab-grown meat ranked low in popularity among the consumers. Only 13 percent said they would cut back on meat in favor of … Read more

Digital 2nd Annual Industrializing Cell-Based Meat Summit 2020, August 25-27

At a time when our environmental footprint is at its largest and demand for animal-based products is growing rapidly, ensuring sustainability and reducing our impact on a global scale is paramount. Alongside this, cell-based meat technology has seen a dramatic advancement, including a burger up on the International Space Station and new exciting varieties of … Read more

Webinar: Overview of the European plant-based food market and consumer, June 30th

The demand for plant-based food is surging across the globe, and consumers from North America to Asia are increasingly interested in delicious plant-based products. In response to this growing demand, the Good Food Institute will be hosting a series of webinars highlighting different plant-based markets around the world. Up first: the Good Food Institute is … Read more

Impossible Foods’ business booms as demand for plant-based meat grows

“Starbucks’ commitment to add more plant-based ingredients to its menu is a new benchmark for large corporations,” said Dr. Patrick O. Brown, founder and CEO of Impossible Foods. Meatless mania heats up as Starbucks debuts Impossible breakfast sandwichMichael Kobori, chief sustainability officer at Starbucks, said this is part of the company’s sustainability initiatives and an effort … Read more

Webinar: Opportunities in Alternative Seafood, June 25th

With global seafood demand projected to rise over the coming decades and sustainable seafood production unable to keep pace, the opportunities for plant-based and cultivated seafood development and commercialization are endless. Join the Good Food Institute and Changing Tastes for a webinar on alternative seafood. GFI will discuss the need for new seafood production systems … Read more

Conceptual Evolution and Scientific Approaches About Synthetic Meat

Cellular agriculture has been considered a mechanism to enable the generation of animal protein in the laboratory. Notwithstanding, this emerging technology, still on an experimental scale, is imbued with speculations, paradoxes, and ambiguities. So, the objective of this research was to analyze how synthetic meat is considered in the scientific context from the perspective of … Read more

What Is Meat?: ‘Billion Dollar Burger’ Looks At The Future Of Food

At the center of Chase Purdy’s briskly paced and quietly bold Billion Dollar Burger: Inside Big Tech’s Race for the Future of Food is Josh Tetrick, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and CEO of Just Inc. Tetrick’s company and a handful of others like it are growing cell-cultured meat that tastes, feels and looks like the … Read more