Scientific, sustainability and regulatory challenges of cultured meat

Here, we review the scientific and social challenges in transforming cultured meat into a viable commercial option, covering aspects from cell selection and medium optimization to biomaterials, tissue engineering, regulation and consumer acceptance. Source: Scientific, sustainability and regulatory challenges of cultured meat | Nature Food

UK startup Higher Steaks debuts world’s first lab-grown bacon

While plant-based diets are growing in popularity, many people across the world will go on craving the taste and texture of meat — which is where Higher Steaks comes in.The Cambridge-based startup announced on Tuesday that it has created the world’s first prototype of lab-grown bacon rashers and pork belly, using animal cells.“This is a … Read more

KFC is working with a Russian 3D bioprinting firm to try to make lab-produced chicken nuggets

“3D bioprinting technologies, initially widely recognized in medicine, are nowadays gaining popularity in producing foods such as meat,” Yusef Khesuani, co-founder of 3D Bioprinting Solutions said in a statement announcing the KFC partnership. “In the future, the rapid development of such technologies will allow us to make 3D-printed meat products more accessible and we are … Read more

The Future of Food: Will you eat lab-grown meat? Your pet will.

This limitation in the texture of lab-grown meat could inhibit its commercial viability, since many people will want more variety. But commercial pet food is a different story — it’s ground up or dried to begin with. And so the first lab-grown meat people buy might end up being for their pets, not themselves. Source: … Read more

Senior Bioprocessing Engineer at CellulaREvolution – Newcastle UK

We at CellulaREvolution are determined to use the latest technological advancements in bioprocessing to develop and create enabling technologies for Cultured Meat, Cell Therapy and Biologics industries. We do this by providing highly innovative bioreactors capable of continuous cell production. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we are now seeking to recruit a Senior … Read more

SHIFT20: ‘Cell-based’ could be the best way to describe cell-cultured seafood on labels, suggests large consumer study

‘Lab-grown’ seafood is a food marketer’s nightmare. ‘Clean’ seafood carries the tacit implication that the regular stuff is dirty. ‘Cultivated’ seafood – a term that performed well in recent research on meat & poultry – could be confused with farmed fish. However, ‘cell-based’ – while not perfect – may be the best common or usual … Read more

The future of cell-based protein: ‘Food manufacturers should look at this as an opportunity’

Cell-based cultured protein is an industry still in its infancy. Food makers should look at the emerging field as an opportunity to collaborate and invest in the sector’s development, according to experts speaking at IFF’s Plantful Virtual Festival. Source: The future of cell-based protein: ‘Food manufacturers should look at this as an opportunity’

Future Food-Tech Sept 17-18 2020 – Join the global foodtech community

The Future Food-Tech Summit is going virtual! On September 17-18, 2020, C-Suite food brand executives, investors and entrepreneurs from all four corners of the globe will come together online to radically rethink our food system in a post-Covid 19 world. Partnership and collaboration have never been more important as we seek to build a more … Read more

Alt Protein Conference – Transforming the Future of Food – Wednesday, Sep 2nd – Thursday, Sep 3rd, 2020

The Protein Directory and Cell Agri are proud to present the Alt Protein Conference 2020 with a focus on the new wave of future food companies transforming the business of tomorrow.Join us for a 2-day virtual conference to learn about the latest business trends and best practices to transform the future of food with cellular … Read more

Japan to set standards for cultured, alternative meat

In April, the ministry established a food-tech study group with about 100 organizations, including major food companies, universities and research institutes. By the end of June, the ministry will compile a report on a strategy to supply for the next generation sources of protein, including alternative and cultured meat, algae and insects. In July, the … Read more