Alternative meat and dairy companies are raking in investment

“Cultivated” or “cell-based” meat companies, growing food from animal cells, raised 417% more than in all of 2019. In part, it’s a continuation of a long-term trend. “2019 really appeared to be the tipping point where plant-based meat shifted into the mainstream,” says Caroline Bushnell, associate director of corporate engagement at the Good Food Institute. … Read more

Private patents, monopolies & lobbying: obstacles for cell ag with New Harvest Executive Director Isha Datar

In 2010 Isha published an important research paper called “Possibilities for an in-vitro meat production system”, when very few people even knew about the possibility of creating animal products without animals. She also co-founded Perfect Day a startup making milk without cows and Clara Foods, another startup making eggs without chickens. New Harvest is an important non-profit research institute … Read more

Creating clean, cell-based shrimp with Shiok Meats

Due to a lack of academic research and background knowledge regarding cells and crustacean stem cells its taken them approx. two years to fill in any research gaps and to truly understand the entire biology, chemistry and physics behind the operation of stem cells, but they have “managed to make quite a bit of progress … Read more

Bollywood couple Genelia, Riteish Deshmukh start plant-based meat venture

Bollywood couple Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh have started a new plant-based meat venture, Imagine Meats.Plant-based meats are made entirely from plant ingredients such as pea protein and coconut oil, but replicate the taste, smell, and sizzle of animal meat.Globally, the sector is growing rapidly, with several companies scaling up and even being listed on stock … Read more

BIV’s Ive: “Alternative meat is a revolution not an evolution”

Plant-based foods are not just incremental evolution of an existing category, but a revolution, according to Andrew D. Ive, founder and general partner of Big Idea Ventures (BIV).  Driving this shift is a new breed of agritech startups that are developing culturally relevant, local foods that integrate into people’s ongoing consumption habits. Leveraging this trend, … Read more

Cell-based meat start-up New Age Meats secures additional funding

US cell-based firm New Age Meats has secured US$2m from investors just six months after raising $2.7m in seed funding from a consortium of backers.The California company said the new seed extension funding will help it to continue to develop cell-based, or cultivated, pork products. Source: Cell-based meat start-up New Age Meats secures additional funding | … Read more

Asia Summit on Alternative Proteins, 20-21 August 2020

The Good Food Institute Asia-Pacific will share the real stories behind this booming industry in our inaugural Asia Summit on Alternative Proteins. This summit will not be like anything else you’ve seen over the past couple of months. We will go in-depth, ask those questions no one dares to ask, and create those real-life connections … Read more