The EU Invests 2.7M Euros in Cultured Meat Bio-Tech, Demonstrating that Brussels is Committing to Cultured Meat

The EU is subsidising a research program from the Meat4All consortium to the amount of 2.7M Euros, the consortium believes this is the first time a cell-based meat project has received financial backing from Brussels, according to The finance has been allocated from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 R&D funding programme, and signifies that the … Read more

Two Austin Women Hope to Build the First Lab-Grown Brisket

That’s when Kam expects BioBQ, the company she started with cofounder Janet Zoldan in late 2018, will harvest its first lab-grown brisket. Kam and Zoldan want the world’s first lab-grown barbecue to be produced or, as they describe it, “cultivated,” in Austin. Source: Two Austin Women Hope to Build the First Lab-Grown Brisket – Texas … Read more

The Cellular Agriculture Course by the David Kaplan Laboratory at Tufts University

Welcome to the Kaplan Lab Cell-Ag Course’s Teaching Resource Website! At Tufts University we teach a yearly university level undergraduate class on cellular agriculture, mostly focused on the Bioengineering behind cultured meat (or in vitro meat, cultivated meat etc).We wanted to share our course materials for other people who were interested in teaching/learning about cultured … Read more

Techno-Economic Models and Cultivated Meat by Robert Yaman

One potential method of resolving this uncertainty is to create a “techno-economic model” (TEM). A TEM tries to understand what the economics of a technology will look like once the technology is fully implemented at scale. It takes inputs like the price of various feedstocks, the metabolic rates and doubling times of cells, the size … Read more

National Science Foundation Awards UC Davis $3.55 Million for Cultivated Meat Research

The U.S. government awarded a total of $3.55 million, to be dispersed over five years, to a team of researchers at UC Davis for open-access cultivated meat research. The researchers will receive $1.15 million upfront and unlock an additional $2.4 million upon demonstration of sufficient progress in the first two years of the project. This … Read more

Mosa Meat secures £55m to bring cell-based meat to consumers

Mosa Meat — the Dutch company which made the world’s first lab-grown meat burger back in 2013 — has raised $55m in new funding, which it hopes to use to bring the burgers to actual customers. The funding, led by Luxembourg’s Blue Horizon Ventures, will be used to expand Mosa Meat’s facility in Maastricht into an … Read more

Analysis of Scientific and Press Articles Related to Cultured Meat for a Better Understanding of Its Perception

The main conclusion is that cultured meat is mainly developing in the USA and the UK, with other countries, such as China, observing the trend for potential future applications. Scientific articles seemed initially to focus mainly on technical aspects of artificial meat and more recently on health value, consumer’s acceptance, and sustainability. However, the potential … Read more

European Markets for Cultured Meat: A Comparison of Germany and France

Substantial markets for cultured meat exist in both countries, although German consumers are significantly more open to the concept than the French. Strikingly, cultured meat acceptance is significantly higher amongst agricultural and meat workers, indicating that those who are closest to existing meat production methods are most likely to prefer alternatives. We found some evidence … Read more

Cell-based, cultured… or something else? The new seafood labeling challenge.

The Hallman study is significant because it followed a robust scientific process. Based on the analysis, we think the most appropriate terms are “cell-based” or “cell-cultured” meat or seafood, while the term “cultivated” without the word “cell” is misleading. A similar thorough analysis should be done for other types of meats. Source: Cell-based, cultured… or … Read more