Startup Secures China’s Largest Cultivated Meat Investment Yet

Joes Future Food, a leading Chinese cultivated meat startup previously known as Nanjing Zhouzi, has secured a CNY 20 million (around USD 3 million) investment from Matrix Partners China in their angel round. In November 2019, Prof. Zhou Guanghong and his team created China’s first cultivated pork at a research center on the campus of … Read more

Will Europe Follow Singapore in Approving Cultured Meat?

As the technology matures, cultured meat will not limit itself to replacing traditional meat, but will also bring novel products that can’t be grown by traditional agriculture, such as personalized foods tailored to the needs of a particular person or group. If the success of vegan food is an indicator, the next few years will … Read more

I tried the world’s first no-kill, lab-grown chicken burger

The result is the signature dish of a new venture in Israel, the Chicken, the world’s first cultured meat restaurant experience. Still closed to the public owing to coronavirus restrictions, the eatery near Tel Aviv opened its doors to the Guardian for the first private visit by a journalist. Source: I tried the world’s first … Read more

International Conference on Cultured Meat, December 9-11

Since 2015, the Maastricht Conference has been the premier scientific meeting for the cultured meat research community. This year, we are bringing the same excellence and up-to-date content directly to your home. Register here to access engaging presentations and discussions science of cultured meat, as well as networking opportunities with speakers and other attendees. We … Read more

Cultivate 2020: Discussing cellular agriculture in the UK, Dec 17, 2020

Cultivate is an annual event to discuss cellular agriculture from UK perspectives. Cellular agriculture refers to work to produce agricultural products – typically animal products – through new methods that operate at the cellular level as opposed to working with whole animals. Examples include cultured meat and fermentation-based milk.The event will feature a combination of … Read more

“Truly animal-free” cellular meat collaboration: CPI and 3DBT examine alternatives to fetal bovine serum

The two companies are investigating alternatives to FBS, examining the development of cell feeding medium that incorporates a new class of growth-promoting supplements for increased biomass production. These supplements aim to eliminate the need for expensive FBS and be sourced from existing agro-industrial by-products, such as low-value raw materials like wood waste and chaff. This reduces … Read more

Beyond Meat launches new burgers that are juicier and lower in saturated fat

Grocery stores traditionally offer multiple blends of lean meat and fat in beef products, and Beyond Meat says its new burgers are an attempt to offer similar choices. Beyond says the new juicier patty has 35 percent less saturated fat than the average 80 / 20 (80 percent lean to 20 percent fat) beef burger. … Read more

World’s First Approval of Cultivated Meat Sales

Eat Just, Inc., which last month also revealed plans to jointly open their largest plant protein isolate production facility in Singapore, appears to be the first company to have secured such cultivated meat approval. According to SFA, Eat Just’s cultivated chicken was recently allowed to be sold in Singapore as an ingredient in the company’s chicken … Read more

IKEA to make half of its restaurant meals plant-based by 2025

Furniture retailer IKEA said Monday that it plans to make half of its restaurant menu meal offerings plant-based by 2025.Eighty percent of offerings will be non–red meat, and 80% of the packaged food for sale will be plant-based, the company said. “Research confirms the importance of making sustainable products affordable and desirable, and IKEA can … Read more