Spanish Food Tech Novameat 3D Prints The ‘World’s Biggest Cell-Based Meat Prototype’

Barcelona-based food tech Novameat has managed to produce what it calls the largest whole cut cultivated meat prototype in the world. The startup, who have previously created 3D-printed plant-based meats and a vegan-friendly “steak” using its patented microextrusion technology, recently spoke to FoodNavigator about its latest developments. “Our biggest cell-based meat prototypes – or you can … Read more

New Harvest Funds Australian Research on Cell-Based Crayfish Meat

An aquaculture researcher from the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) has secured a seed grant from US-based research institute New Harvest to develop cell-based crayfish meat.The grant recipient, Lisa Musgrove, will be using the funds to investigate crayfish growth factors and cell culture during her Honours degree in 2021, under the supervision of USC GeneCology … Read more

innFood Conference 2021, February 1st – 2nd, 2021

CiFOOD is one of the seven thematic, interdisciplinary centres at the Faculty of Technical Sciences at Aarhus University, aiming at connecting researchers from fields along the food supply chain – from innovative production of raw materials to consumer science and health aspects.With this conference we want to share our research activities within this field, and … Read more

Spanish government invests €5.2 million in cultured meat project

The project was selected by the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), which supports R&D projects of Spanish companies. San Sebastián-based BioTech Foods is a Spanish biotechnology company dedicated to the development of cultured meat from the cultivation of muscle cells previously extracted from animals.According to the company, cultivated meat is positioned as one of … Read more

Muscle stem cell isolation and in vitro culture for meat production: A methodological review

Cultured muscle tissue-based protein products, also known as cultured meat, are produced through in vitro myogenesis involving muscle stem cell culture and differentiation, and mature muscle cell processing for flavor and texture. This review focuses on the in vitro myogenesis for cultured meat production. The muscle stem cell-based in vitro muscle tissue production consists of … Read more

Cell-cultured meat gamechanger? Matrix Meats to showcase nanofiber scaffolding in ‘solid meat product’ this year

Matrix Meats – an Ohio-based startup developing customizable nanofiber scaffolds for cell-cultured meat production – will showcase a prototype “solid meat product such as a thin piece of steak” in partnership with a cultured meat co by the end of this year as a demonstration of its technology, billed as a potential gamechanger in the … Read more

Under Discussion: Aristotelian Temperance and Cultured Meat

Admittedly, I’m taking for granted here that the currently standard system of raising creatures in captivity and subjecting them to immense pain simply for the purpose of consuming their flesh is a moral abomination, regardless of how tasty that flesh might be. If cultured meat offers the most realistic opportunity to prevent widespread nonhuman animal … Read more

The coverage of cultured meat in the US and UK traditional media, 2013-2019: drivers, sources, and competing narratives

‘Cultured’ meat has attracted a considerable amount of investor and media interest as an early-stage technology. Despite uncertainties about its future impact, news media may be contributing to promissory discourses, by stressing the potential benefits from cultured meat to the environment, health, animal welfare, and feeding a growing population. The results from a content analysis … Read more

Michelin Star Japanese Chef Launches Startup to Create Cultured Meat

But if you’re Chef Shimamura Masaharu of Japan, someone who writes that in high school he wondered whether to “to wear a cook’s lab coat or a scientist’s lab coat,” straddling the two worlds makes perfect sense.Which is why the chef/owner of Michelin-starred restaurant Unkaku has launched DiverseFarm, a joint venture with cell-ag technology company … Read more