Faculty of Science : Innovation towards plant-based consumption

This course is timely since it touches a hot topic, which is relevant to society, industry and consumers in general. It is relevant to the field of Food Science in that it brings forth the current commitments towards healthier and more sustainable food systems and will constitute a platform for UCPH participation and contribution to … Read more

Tiny Organisms, Huge Potential

But there is a rising star on the alternative protein scene—a versatile platform that is simultaneously familiar and well established yet completely underexplored and untapped for its true potential within the alternative protein sector. Microbial fermentation can create a novel center-of-plate experience as a standalone ingredient or provide a functional or sensory boost so subtle … Read more

Air Protein: Using fermentation to make alternative protein

While other well-known meat alternative companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat make plant-based protein from soy and peas, Air Protein is the first to make “air-based” protein by farming carbon from the air with microbes. The startup’s recent $32 million Series A funding round, closed in January and led by investors ADM Ventures, Barclays … Read more

Webinar The Science of Alt. Protein: Developing optimized media for cultivated meat production with Dr. David Block

The development of a plant-based, inexpensive media for growth of cultivated meat cells is a key technical hurdle in further commercialization of cultivated meat products. Generatinging a viable alternative to expensive pharmaceutical grade medium is not an easy problem to solve, as it requires experimental optimization of at least 20-30 potential media ingredients simultaneously. Join … Read more

Accelerating Innovation of Alternative Meat

So it’s understandable that Brown of Impossible Foods, and others in the alternative meat industry, are bullish on the idea that their products are the future of meat. As more people become aware of the climatic, environmental, and ethical issues of livestock agriculture, further sales increases are likely. But despite a half-decade of growth that … Read more

Impossible Foods Launches 2021 Internship Program

Impossible Foods’ internship program is one of the most purpose-driven programs in Silicon Valley, giving students and graduates the opportunity to make a direct impact on the world’s most pressing environmental issues. The company receives thousands of applications from students, new graduates, and young leaders from around the world. Source: Impossible Foods Launches 2021 Internship … Read more

Redefine Meat Raises a $29M Series A Round for its 3D-Printed Plant-Based Meats

Israeli plant-based meat startup Redefine Meat announced today that it has closed a $29 million Series A round of funding. The round was led by Happiness Capital and Hanaco Ventures with participation from CPT Capital, Losa Group, Sake Bosch, and K3 Ventures. This brings the total amount raised by Redefine to $35 million. Source: Redefine … Read more

CellulaREvolution Raises £1M, Aims to Transform Cultured Meat Production

British cell-based meat company CellulaREvolution has raised £1M in its latest funding round, with investors including Orange Light Ventures, CPT Capital, and the Northern Accelerator Seed Investment Fund.CPT Capital is particularly significant because it has previously invested in several highly successful cultured meat startups. These include BluNalu, Memphis Meats, and Aleph Farms. Source: CellulaREvolution Raises … Read more

Producing meat without the animal Tickets, Wed 24/02/2021 at 6:30 pm AEDT

Humans are currently eating more meat than our planet can afford. Raising animals for food is resource intensive. The rise in global meat consumption has dire consequences for human health, our agricultural industry, the environment, biodiversity, and animal welfare. Fortunately, there’s an effective way to solve this growing problem. Cellular agriculture is an emerging research … Read more