What’s the carbon footprint of lab-grown meat?

If a large new production facility runs on renewable energy, the carbon footprint of cultivated meat would be lower than conventional beef, pork, and chicken. The analysis calculates that the footprint is roughly 92% lower than beef, 52% lower than pork, and 17% lower than chicken, even if the conventional meat is produced in ways … Read more

Cultured Meat Startup Meatable Raises $47 Million Series A

Dutch cultured meat startup Meatable announced today that it has raised a $47 million Series A round of funding. Investors include Dr. Rick Klausner, Section 32, Dr. Jeffrey Leiden, and DSM Venturing, with participation from existing investors including BlueYard Capital, Agronomics, Humboldt, and Taavet Hinrikus. This brings Meatable’s total funding raised so far to $60 … Read more

Bluu Biosciences raises cash to become Europe’s first purveyor of lab-grown salmon, trout and carp

Bluu Biosciences has raised €7 million in a round of financing from investors including Manta Ray Ventures, Norrsken VC, Be8, CPT Capital and Lever VC to compete with a host of startups like BluNalu, Wild Type and Shiok Meats in a bid to market with a lab-grown fish replacement. The company is picking up speed … Read more

Investor Interest in Meat Alternative Biotechs Booms

Companies developing sustainable meat and dairy alternatives smashed records with a €2.6B ($3.1B) haul last year. Why has it been such a bumper harvest? In spite of the financial chaos resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic over the last 12 months, a staggering €2.6B ($3.1B) in funding went to companies in the meat and dairy alternatives sector, according … Read more

Researchers report new approach to cultured meat

“Using techniques developed for regenerative medicine, we succeeded in culturing millimeter-sized chunks of meat wherein alignment of the myotubes help mimic the texture and mouthfeel of steak. For this, myoblasts drawn from commercial beef were cultured in hydrogel modules that could be stacked allowing fusion into larger chunks. We determined the optimal scaffolding and electrical … Read more

Chinese Consumers’ Attitudes and Potential Acceptance toward Artificial Meat

The interest for artificial meat has recently expanded. However, from the literature, perception of artificial meat in China is not well known. A survey was thus carried out to investigate Chinese attitudes toward artificial meat. The answers of 4666 respondents concluded that 19.9% and 9.6% of them were definitely willing and unwilling to try artificial … Read more

VitroLabs – Tissue Engineering Lead/Senior Scientist

VitroLabs Inc seeks a reliable, highly-motivated and exceptionally innovative tissue engineer to lead a team on the development of novel bioreactor systems to support industrial-scale production of new in vitro-grown animal tissues for leather applications. The ideal candidate for this role is no stranger to thinking “outside the box” whether they are conducting an experiment … Read more

New Food Invest – online – 18 March 2021

The New Food Invest is a 3-in-1 conference format, catering for three different time zones on a single day: it provides convenient access for the Asian/Australian market followed by the European/Middle Eastern region and closes with a focus on the North & South American continent. Each NFI ticket grants access to all sessions and leverages … Read more

The Future is Female: Women Dominate Food Tech in Asia Pacific

So why is it that women are particularly well-represented in Asian plant-based and cultivated meat companies, compared with other industries and regions? We spoke to some of the brilliant CEOs, scientists, investors, and innovators who have helped transition the region’s alternative protein space from a nascent niche into a global economic engine in just a handful … Read more

LCA of cultivated meat. Future projections for different scenarios

In this prospective Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study of cultivated meat (CM, also sometimes referred to as cell-based meat, clean meat, cultured meat and in-vitro meat) we provide insight into the environmental impact of this product when produced at commercial scales. This is the first LCA study to use primary data from multiple CM producers … Read more