3rd Industrializing Cell-Based Meats & Seafood Digital Summit 2021 – August 10-12 2021

The 3rd Industrializing Cell-Based Meats & Seafood Digital Summit will bring the industry together to discuss the novel technological advances powering the new wave of cultivated meat products, leveraging biotechnology to increase the scalability, sustainability, affordability, and production efficiency of next-generation cell-based protein products. Source: Home | 3rd Industrializing Cell-Based Meats & Seafood Digital Summit … Read more

Reducing the cost of cell-cultured meat… In conversation with Richcore Lifesciences

Cell culture media formulas are a closely guarded secret in the nascent cell-cultured meat industry, says Bangalore-based Richcore Lifesciences. However, they typically contain water, amino acids (lysine, arginine etc), sugars (glucose), salts, vitamins, buffering agents, recombinant proteins (albumin, transferrin etc) and growth factors (FGF, IGF, TGF etc), which send signals to encourage cells to do … Read more

Finistere Ventures Launches New Agrifood Fund in New Zealand

Food tech-focused firm Finistere Ventures announced today the launch of its Finistere Aotearoa Fund done in partnership with New Zealand Growth Capital Partners. The $40 million NZD (~$28.1 million USD) fund will support early-stage companies developing technologies for agriculture, alternative protein, supply chain, and other areas of food tech. Source: Finistere Ventures Launches New Agrifood Fund … Read more

Israel is a fake meat powerhouse

For such a small country, Israel has a disproportionately high number of alternative meat startups – over 50, according to Nir Goldstein, the managing director of the Good Food Institute Israel. This should come as no surprise: Israel’s startup ecosystem frequently ranks among the best in the world. But there is ample support for alt-meat … Read more

Impact Venture Capital Firm Clear Current Capital Launches Fund ll

Florida-based venture capital firm Clear Current Capital announces its new impact fund focusing on early stage investments in US companies in the plant-based food, cell-cultured meat and fermented food spaces, as well as other mission-aligned enterprises. Fund ll expands the mission of Clear Current Capital, by creating additional resources focused on environmental sustainability, animal cruelty, … Read more

Chinese Consumers’ Attitudes and Potential Acceptance toward Artificial Meat – PubMed

The interest for artificial meat has recently expanded. However, from the literature, perception of artificial meat in China is not well known. A survey was thus carried out to investigate Chinese attitudes toward artificial meat. The answers of 4666 respondents concluded that 19.9% and 9.6% of them were definitely willing and unwilling to try artificial … Read more

Bioethical considerations of cell-cultured meat – PubMed

From the perspective of bioethics, the research, development and production of cell cultured meat can help ensure the sustainable development of human society, improve animal welfare, reduce resource demand, improve the nutritional function of meat products, and provide new growth points for the development of other industries. In addition, the ethical risks of food safety, … Read more

Decellularized spinach serves as an edible platform for laboratory-grown meat

Spinach, a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly scaffold, provided an edible platform upon which a team of researchers led by a Boston College engineer has grown meat cells, an advance that may accelerate the development of cultured meat, according to a new report in the advance online edition of the journal Food BioScience. Source: Decellularized spinach … Read more

Nourish Ingredients Raises $11M for Fermented Plant-Based Fats

Australian startup Nourish Ingredients, which makes plant-based fats, announced today that it has raised $11 million (USD) in initial funding. The round was led by Horizon Ventures and Main Sequence Ventures (a venture firm founded by Australia’s national science agency). Source: Nourish Ingredients Raises $11M for Fermented Plant-Based Fats

MeaTech Announces Closing of $25 Million U.S. Initial Public Offering of American Depositary Shares on Nasdaq Capital Market

MeaTech received net proceeds from this offering of approximately $21.9 million, after deducting underwriting discounts and commissions and estimated offering expenses payable by MeaTech.  MeaTech intends to use the net proceeds from this offering to advance its program to develop commercial technologies to manufacture alternative foods, including potential acquisitions of other companies whose technologies are … Read more