France falls behind as other countries master ‘cultured meat’

The non-profit Cellular Agriculture France has sounded the alarm on an industry it says is being neglected by France, despite making strides elsewhere. Co-founder Nathalie Rolland, a food science specialist, said the known benefits of cultivated meat to human health, animal welfare and the environment warranted public money being spent on its development. “If the … Read more

Future Meat opens world’s first cultured meat facility

Israeli food-tech company Future Meat Technologies, which has developed innovative technology to produce cultured meat, has announced that it has opened the world’s first industrial cultured meat facility. The Rehovot-based company says that it has the manufacturing capacity to produce 500 kilograms of cultured products a day, equivalent to 5,000 hamburgers. Source: Future Meat opens … Read more

New €32m fund for plant-based and meat alternatives research

Launched by EU Funding programme Horizon Europe, the funding is the groups biggest package of support covering plant-based, cultivate meat and fermentation to date. The multi-annual EU funding framework, which will run from 2021 to 2027, contained three projects directly covering this area and followed and open letter from the Good Food Institute Europe and 21 other organisations that called on the European Commission to invest … Read more

Cultivated meat: Out of the lab, into the frying pan

Cultivated meat has garnered significant attention as a protein source that can meet consumer needs with a reduced impact on the planet. That potential is real. Further investment, ingenuity, and commitment are likely needed to move this concept from a novel small-batch product to one of the tempting protein options on millions, if not billions, … Read more

West Sacramento alternative meat company opens new fermentation plant

The Better Meat Co. hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony this week to open its new multi-million dollar fermentation plant that will produce the company’s new mycoprotein ingredient, Rhiza.The West Sacramento plant was built in a former moon bounce facility called The Bounce Spot, which owner Paul Shapiro said is fitting since his facility will now ensure … Read more

Animal-free heme production for artificial meat in Corynebacterium glutamicum via systems metabolic and membrane engineering

Recently, heme has attracted much attention as a main ingredient that mimics meat flavor in artificial meat in the food industry. Here, we developed Corynebacterium glutamicum capable of high-yield production of heme with systems metabolic engineering and modification of membrane surface. Source: Animal-free heme production for artificial meat in Corynebacterium glutamicum via systems metabolic and … Read more

Peril & Promise: Climate change is changing how we view food

Host Frank Sesno speaks with Josh Balk, co-founder of Eat Just, which has produced and sells plant-based eggs and now, manufactured chicken. The first restaurant is now serving it in Singapore, and he says more manufactured food – chicken and fish – is on the way. Started from a single cell, say from a feather, in a lab, then ultimately to your plate, it uses a … Read more

Karana: Creating Asia’s first whole-plant based alternative meat brand

Karana is the Singapore food start-up positioning itself as Asia’s first whole-plant-based meat brand. Its flagship product — a pulled pork substitute — is made entirely from jackfruit, oil and salt, without processed ingredients or preservatives. Started in 2018 as demand for meat alternatives was growing, Riegler said he saw a gap in the market … Read more