JUST Egg’s Key Ingredient Receives European Safety Approval, Paves Way for Launch

Eat Just, Inc., a company that applies cutting-edge science and technology to create healthier, more sustainable foods, announced today that the key ingredient in its popular plant-based JUST Egg products has received approval from the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) expert panel on nutrition. This paves the way for the initial launch of JUST Egg … Read more

Ashton Kutcher Joins Cell-Based Meat Company to Develop 3D Bioprinting

Israel-based cultivated meat company MeaTech recently announced its newest collaborator: Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher. Through his venture capital fund Sound Ventures, Kutcher and talent manager Guy Oseary will work to accelerate the development and commercialization of MeaTech’s meat production technologies. Source: Ashton Kutcher Joins Cell-Based Meat Company to Develop 3D Bioprinting  | VegNews

What Should We Call Lab Meat? (Probably Not “Lab Meat.”)

This technology, as an article in the journal Science as Culture puts it, represents an “attempted reorganisation of contemporary food economies and ontologies,” destabilizing “established understandings of what food is.” By altering our taken-for-granted physical reality—making meat without killing animals—novel food technologies disturb our taken-for-granted linguistic and regulatory categories. Source: What Should We Call Lab … Read more

Opinion: How alternative meats could help save the planet

Like clean-energy technologies, making meat from plants and cultivating it from cells can reduce emissions at a massive scale while providing consumers with a comparable product. With government support to facilitate research and development, alternative meats could be indistinguishable from conventional meat in taste and mouthfeel. They could also be cheaper and healthier than products … Read more

A Chinese Biotech Startup Could Best Conventional Meat Prices by 2025

Shanghai-based biotech startup CellX believes it has the technical know-how to address the challenges facing lab-grown meat and is the first company to offer it in China. Making up 30 percent of the global demand, China is the largest consumer of meat with an annual consumption of 86 million tons, Reuters reported. Lab-grown meat holds … Read more

Farm to Fork: What the analysis and data tell us – October 12, 2021

Since the publication of the strategies, several reports have been published that look at their impact, including a report by the European Commission’s Joint Research Center. USDA (the United States Department of Agriculture) has released a report looking at the potential economic and related impacts of the strategies. And Wageningen University & Research is due … Read more

Meat no longer requires animal slaughter

It is not hard to see why investors are excited. Demand for meat and fish is soaring, particularly among the rapidly growing middle classes in parts of the developing world. Making that meat the old-fashioned way uses a lot of land and produces gigatonnes of greenhouse gas. Much of the fish people want is not … Read more