Gelatex gets $1.2m to grow its cheap cultured meat tools

Enter Gelatex, an Estonian materials startup which says it can cut the cost of producing cultured meat by “up to 90%”. It’s not creating the meat itself, but selling scaffolds — sheets made from nanofibrous materials like soy protein, which provide the structural support for cell growth — to other firms to use to create … Read more

Helaina raises $20 million in Series A to scale production of its human milk proteins using precision fermentation Co-Led by Spark Capital and Siam Capital

Helaina, the company using precision fermentation to recreate immune-equivalent proteins previously only available in breast milk, announced today it has raised $20 million in Series A funding. The round was co-led by Spark Capital and Siam Capital, with additional investment from Primary Venture Partners, Plum Alley Investments, Tom Williams, Hannah Bronfman, Gabrielle Union, Matt Rutler … Read more

Scaffolding Biomaterials for 3D Cultivated Meat: Prospects and Challenges

Cultivating meat from stem cells rather than by raising animals is a promising solution to concerns about the negative externalities of meat production. For cultivated meat to fully mimic conventional meat’s organoleptic and nutritional properties, innovations in scaffolding technology are required. Many scaffolding technologies are already developed for use in biomedical tissue engineering. However, cultivated … Read more

No bones, no scales, no eyeballs: appetite grows for cell-based seafood

Cell-based seafood—derived from commonly consumed fish (for example, salmon and tuna) or shellfish (for example, crustaceans such as shrimp and crab)—is also known as cultured, cellular or in vitro seafood. It is derived from the tissue of an aquatic species, but has never been part of a live, swimming animal. The flesh is made in … Read more

JBS to acquire cultivated meat company in $100m investment

JBS – the world’s largest meat processor – plans to acquire a majority stake in Spanish cultivated meat company BioTech Foods. In May, JBS agreed to acquire Netherlands plant-based protein brand Vivera in a deal worth €341 million ($409 million). Source: JBS to acquire cultivated meat company in $100m investment

Chinese agrifood tech VC raises millions, invests in feed, crop technology and protein portfolios

Bits x Bites invests across the food supply chain, from precision agriculture, crop and animal health to protein alternatives and nutrition. To date, it has invested in startups that are advancing gene editing for high-performing crops, agricultural drones, low-GI carbohydrates, as well as cost-efficient cell-based meat production without an actual animal. Altogether, Bits x Bites … Read more

Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming And Has Billions In VC Backing. But Will Consumers Bite?

The question is: Will consumers have an appetite for meat made in stainless steel containers? Startups in the field, with billions in venture funding behind them, are starting to make their case to a sometimes skeptical public, though that effort is hindered by the fact that few have been approved to commercialize their products and … Read more

Food safety considerations and research priorities for the cultured meat and seafood industry

Cell-cultured meat and seafood offer a sustainable opportunity to meet the world’s increasing demand for protein in a climate-changed world. A responsible, data-driven approach to assess and demonstrate safety of cell-cultured meat and seafood can support consumer acceptance and help fully realize the potential of these products. As an initial step toward a thorough demonstration … Read more