China’s 5-Year Agricultural Plan To Include Cultivated Meat and ‘Future Foods’ For The First Time

China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has published its eagerly awaited national plan. Acting as a blueprint for future developments, innovations and national economic strength, the plan has specifically included cultivated meat and ‘future foods’ as sectors to actively participate in. Source: China’s 5-Year Agricultural Plan To Include Cultivated Meat and ‘Future Foods’ For … Read more

Lab-Grown Shrimp’s Price Tag Shows Long Way Ahead to Mass Market

For a sense of how far cultivated meat is from reaching supermarket shelves and dinner tables, just take a look at the cost.Singapore-based Shiok Meats Pte plans to launch its flagship cell-based shrimp in 18 months at about S$50 ($37) a kilogram, Chief Executive Officer Sandhya Sriram said in an interview. That’s roughly double the … Read more

Identifying Consumer Groups and Their Characteristics Based on Their Willingness to Engage with Cultured Meat: A Comparison of Four European Countries

Cultured meat, as a product of recent advancement in food technology, might become a viable alternative source of protein to traditional meat. As such, cultured meat production is disruptive as it has the potential to change the demand for traditional meats. Moreover, it has been claimed it can be more sustainable regarding the environment and … Read more

Animal Rights Groups Don’t Want FSIS To Mandate Identification Of Lab-Grown Meat Production Process On Product Labels

Four animal rights groups have submitted a joint public comment in response to the Food Safety and Inspection Service’s (FSIS) advanced notice of proposed rulemaking on the labeling of meat and poultry products comprised of or containing cultured cells derived from animals subject to the Federal Meat Inspection Act or the Poultry Products Inspection Act. … Read more

Future Of Food | Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon February 12

Meet our hackathon teams who have spent the last two months working on huge challenges this industry faces. Celebrate and congratulate our finalists and learn more about their subversive projects. Tune in to our inspiring and informative panel discussions and cutting-edge technology presentations Source: Future Of Food | Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon

Mosa Meat (Kinda) Open Sources Its Method For Cultivating Meat Without FBS

And this week, the company made news again with the publication of a paper on its method for achieving muscle differentiation through a process they describe as ‘serum-starvation.’ According to Mosa, it’s through the differentiating of cells into fibers that result in the structure and chew of meat, and it’s within the muscle fibers that … Read more

IntegriCulture scores $7m for ‘outside-factor-free’ cell ag

IntegriCulture, a Japanese startup striving to bring down the costs of cellular ag, has raised $7 million in Series A-plus funding.New investors joining the round included Future Food Fund, Kemuri Ventures‘ Shoku-no-Mirai-Fund, Resona Capital, Plan Do See, Yamaguchi Capital, Iyogin Capital, and SuMi TRUST Innovation Fund – a vehicle jointly established by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust … Read more

Insects and lab-grown meat on the menu for some, survey suggests

Of the almost 2,000 people who took part in the survey, 90% had heard of plant-based proteins, while 80% were familiar with edible insects, and 78% with lab-grown meat. While a majority (77%) perceived plant-based proteins as being safe to eat, this dropped to half for edible insects and 30% for lab-grown meat. Around 34% … Read more