A deeper dive into plant-based meat sales in 2021

New U.S. retail data commissioned by the Good Food Institute and the Plant Based Foods Association from SPINS shows that plant-based food dollar sales grew six percent in 2021, three times faster than overall food sales, bringing the total market to $7.4 billion. In the past three years, total plant-based foods have consistently outpaced total … Read more

Israeli cell-based meat start-up Aleph Farms to develop cultivated collagen

Rehovot-based cultured meat company Aleph Farms plans to add cell-based collagen to its production line in a bid to tackle the unsustainability of cattle farming.The new product will be made from the cells of cows, a process which does not harm the animal, and hopes to reduce the intensive animal slaughtering practices which currently produce … Read more

Is “cultured meat” a viable alternative to slaughtering animals and a good comprise between animal welfare and human expectations?

The aim of this review is, therefore, to take stock of the current knowledge on the benefits of this “cultured meat,” for which the term “meat” does not seem to be relevant. This review will be divided into two parts: the first will describe the “cultured meat” process and its potential benefits and weaknesses for … Read more

Permission for cultured meat sampling next step towards sustainable meat

Today, the Dutch House of Representatives passed a motion proposed by the D66 and VVD parties to make sampling of cultured meat legally possible. According to Mosa Meat (one of two companies in the Netherlands working on the development of cultured meat), the strong support of the House of Representatives for cultured meat “speaks volumes … Read more

Mzansi Meat to launch first cultivated beef burger onto African market

South-African cell-based meats company Mzansi Meat are planning to unveil their cultivated beef burger at an event next month. The product is the first created in an African country.After after a successful two years of R&D, and being a part of the Brinc Food Tech accelerator program, the Cape Town-based company will be able to … Read more

M-Food co-founder argues Europe’s insect food ingredients boom has “higher potential than plant-based”

With the two insect species having been granted Novel Food authorizations in the EU, FoodIngredientsFirst speaks to M-Food’s co-founder Dave van der Pasch about the insect-based ingredients company’s forecast for this burgeoning sector. “The possibilities are almost endless, giving insect consumption an even higher potential than the plant-based meat revolution,” he argues. Source: M-Food co-founder … Read more

Albert Heijn to go majority plant-based by 2030

Albert Heijn, the Netherlands’ largest supermarket chain, has pledged to expand its plant-based range to more than half of its total offering by 2030. The aim of this move is to make plant-based eating more affordable and accessible to all, according to the supermarket, and will involve adding more than 150 new products to its … Read more

Singer-songwriter Sia invests in cultured meat company Bond Pet Foods

Founded in 2017, Bond Pet Foods offer a lab-grown meat alternative for pets. Using heritage hen feathers, the team extracts the genetic code from these cells enabling them to grow chicken proteins; then uses a fermentation process to create the final product. It claims that the product includes all of the essential amino acids that … Read more

Libre Foods Closes $2.5 Million Seed Round, Plant Alt Bacon Launch Across Europe

Barcelona biotech startup Libre Foods has announced the closure of a $2.5 million seed round to scale its mushroom bacon, with plans for whole cut chicken and steak in the works. The round was led by Green Generation Fund and counted return investors Good Seed Ventures, alongside ProVeg International and Veg Capital. Source: Libre Foods … Read more

Alternative protein investments reached $5 billion in 2021

Investment in the development of plant-based meat, dairy and egg alternatives, cultivated meat and alternative protein fermentation companies reached $5 billion in 2021, according to the Good Food Institute, an alternative protein advocacy group. The figure is 61% greater than the 2020 investment of $3.1 billion. Source: Alternative protein investments reached $5 billion in 2021 … Read more