Nowadays puts its spin on plant-based nuggets

The latest company to attract venture capital is Nowadays, a company founded in San Francisco in 2020 as a Public Benefit Corporation by Max Elder and Dominik Grabinski.Elder told TechCrunch that the company raised $7 million in a seed round, touting it as “one of the highest seed-stage valuations in its category” — he declined … Read more

Israel Innovation Authority’s $20.4M to Israel cultivated meat consortium

The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), an independent publicly funded agency, is investing $20.4M over the next three years to establish a consortium of companies and organisations focused on cell-based meat innovation, the Israel cultivated meat consortium. Source: Israel Innovation Authority’s $20.4M to Israel cultivated meat consortium

China targets innovation in sustainable protein

For the first time, China’s most recent Five-Year Plan for Agriculture, published in January, includes references to cultivated meat and other synthetic proteins. Specifically, the plan refers to “cell-based meat, synthetic egg cream, functional recombinant protein cultivation” under the heading of “cutting edge and cross integrated technology” in the technology innovation section. Source: China targets … Read more

Cellulaire Agricultuur Nederland

We are a consortium of entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, pioneers, and food lovers who see cellular agriculture as a powerful tool to make our food system more sustainable while maintaining the delicious, safe, and nutritious meat and dairy products people enjoy. Together, we developed a National Growth Plan to lift the Netherlands up as the global … Read more

CellMEAT, a South Korean lab-grown shrimp producer, bags $8.1M Series A funding

As consumers’ interest in the environment and nutrition rises, food-tech companies join the race to invent meat alternatives. In 2021, alternative seafood companies received $175 million in investment globally, increasing 92% from 2020. A South Korean startup called CellMEAT, which develops cell-based shrimp, has secured $8.1 million (10 billion KRW) Series A funding to compete … Read more

4 Undervalued Future-Of-Food Stocks To Consider Buying

The food industry is undergoing significant transformations, with large corporations and start-ups innovating in taste, health benefits, safety, and transparency. People have better understood the quality of the food they consume because of increased access to information and breakthroughs in scientific study, leading to an extensive discussion of innovation in the food industry. Source: 4 … Read more

UPSIDE Foods bites into $400M round to serve cultivated meat later this year

Another company gobbling a large chunk of those meaty investment dollars for commercialization is UPSIDE Foods, which you might remember was Memphis Meats. The Berkeley-based company, making cultivated meat, poultry and seafood, took in $400 million in Series C funding, touting it as “the largest round in the industry to date.” Source: UPSIDE Foods bites … Read more

Milk producers weigh into cultivated meat labeling debate

While at first glance, milk producers might not appear to have any skin in the game in the debate over how to describe meat, poultry, and seafood grown in bioreactors, labeling decisions made by regulators could have broader ramifications beyond the meat industry, argue dairy industry stakeholders. Source: Milk producers weigh into cultivated meat labeling … Read more

Here’s Y Combinator’s answer to cultivated meat’s scaling problem

To do this, cultured and plant-based meat companies need to solve scientific problems ranging from bioreactor size and efficiency to the high costs of growth factors used in cell-cultured meat. Some startups see these scaling problems as a foothold in the alternative meat space. Rather than launching brands, these are B2B alternative protein companies developing … Read more