Big meat is gobbling up fake meat companies

Meat companies such as JBS and Cargill have invested heavily in plant-based proteins and laboratory-grown meats in recent years and bought out several smaller companies, according to a report published Tuesday by the non-profit Food & Water Watch and a March report from IPES-Food, a coalition of food systems experts. Source: Big meat is gobbling … Read more

Promoting plant-based: What motivates people to eat less meat?

Environmental concerns don’t motivate consumers to replace meat products with plant-based alternatives, new research suggests. So, what does prompt people to make the swap? And how can the food industry tap into this to support growth in the plant-based aisle? Source: Promoting plant-based: What motivates people to eat less meat?

China Holds First Cellular Agriculture Forum To Embolden Cultivated Meat Progress

Domestic cultivated meat companies in attendance at the first China Cellular Agriculture Forum included initiator Shanghai’s CellX, Hong Kong-based Avant Meats and Nanjing-located Joes Future Food. International participants with significant interest in the future Chinese market also joined, such as Israel’s Aleph Farms and SuperMeat, Californian pioneers Upside Foods and BlueNalu, Singapore’s TurtleTree Labs, and … Read more

4 Undervalued Future-Of-Food Stocks To Consider Buying

The food industry is undergoing significant transformations, with large corporations and start-ups innovating in taste, health benefits, safety, and transparency. People have better understood the quality of the food they consume because of increased access to information and breakthroughs in scientific study, leading to an extensive discussion of innovation in the food industry. Source: 4 … Read more

Faux Meat And Dairy Startups Consume Nearly Half Of Record $13B VC Investment Into Foodtech

It remains to be seen how foodtech will fare in 2022 compared to last year’s record investment totals. Startups in general this year are experiencing a dip in global venture funding and a nearly shuttered IPO market. Venture-backed startups are also facing lower valuations than they were just a few months ago, and founders say … Read more

A deeper dive into plant-based meat sales in 2021

New U.S. retail data commissioned by the Good Food Institute and the Plant Based Foods Association from SPINS shows that plant-based food dollar sales grew six percent in 2021, three times faster than overall food sales, bringing the total market to $7.4 billion. In the past three years, total plant-based foods have consistently outpaced total … Read more

Mzansi Meat to launch first cultivated beef burger onto African market

South-African cell-based meats company Mzansi Meat are planning to unveil their cultivated beef burger at an event next month. The product is the first created in an African country.After after a successful two years of R&D, and being a part of the Brinc Food Tech accelerator program, the Cape Town-based company will be able to … Read more