Future Of Food | Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon February 12

Meet our hackathon teams who have spent the last two months working on huge challenges this industry faces. Celebrate and congratulate our finalists and learn more about their subversive projects. Tune in to our inspiring and informative panel discussions and cutting-edge technology presentations Source: Future Of Food | Cultivate Tomorrow Hackathon

Farm to Fork: What the analysis and data tell us – October 12, 2021

Since the publication of the strategies, several reports have been published that look at their impact, including a report by the European Commission’s Joint Research Center. USDA (the United States Department of Agriculture) has released a report looking at the potential economic and related impacts of the strategies. And Wageningen University & Research is due … Read more

The Future of Meat: Hybrid – Sep 09

The Protein Directory and Cell Agri are proud to present the Alt Protein Conference 2021: ‘The Future of Meat: Hybrid’ with a focus on the new wave of companies transforming the future of meat.Join us for a 1-day virtual conference to learn how future food companies are combining the best of both worlds and creating … Read more

3rd Industrializing Cell-Based Meats & Seafood Digital Summit 2021 – August 10-12 2021

The 3rd Industrializing Cell-Based Meats & Seafood Digital Summit will bring the industry together to discuss the novel technological advances powering the new wave of cultivated meat products, leveraging biotechnology to increase the scalability, sustainability, affordability, and production efficiency of next-generation cell-based protein products. Source: Home | 3rd Industrializing Cell-Based Meats & Seafood Digital Summit … Read more

New Food Invest – online – 18 March 2021

The New Food Invest is a 3-in-1 conference format, catering for three different time zones on a single day: it provides convenient access for the Asian/Australian market followed by the European/Middle Eastern region and closes with a focus on the North & South American continent. Each NFI ticket grants access to all sessions and leverages … Read more

webinar : Producing meat without the animal

Cellular agriculture is an emerging field that has the potential to mitigate many of the issues within our food systems and provide an alternative solution. You may be wondering – what is cellular agriculture? Cellular agriculture, also known as cultured or cultivated meat, is where agricultural products (such as meat, milk, and leather) are produced … Read more

Webinar The Science of Alt. Protein: Developing optimized media for cultivated meat production with Dr. David Block

The development of a plant-based, inexpensive media for growth of cultivated meat cells is a key technical hurdle in further commercialization of cultivated meat products. Generatinging a viable alternative to expensive pharmaceutical grade medium is not an easy problem to solve, as it requires experimental optimization of at least 20-30 potential media ingredients simultaneously. Join … Read more