M-Food co-founder argues Europe’s insect food ingredients boom has “higher potential than plant-based”

With the two insect species having been granted Novel Food authorizations in the EU, FoodIngredientsFirst speaks to M-Food’s co-founder Dave van der Pasch about the insect-based ingredients company’s forecast for this burgeoning sector. “The possibilities are almost endless, giving insect consumption an even higher potential than the plant-based meat revolution,” he argues. Source: M-Food co-founder … Read more

Are cultivated proteins the future of pet food?

Proteins from sources other than animals have received a healthy dose of attention for both pet food and human food in recent years, attracting not only consumer interest but also heavy investment. Cue the latest announcement: Mark Cuban, entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” judge, recently helped Wild Earth, which since 2019 has offered dog treats and … Read more

Investor Interest in Meat Alternative Biotechs Booms

Companies developing sustainable meat and dairy alternatives smashed records with a €2.6B ($3.1B) haul last year. Why has it been such a bumper harvest? In spite of the financial chaos resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic over the last 12 months, a staggering €2.6B ($3.1B) in funding went to companies in the meat and dairy alternatives sector, according … Read more

Bill Gates Wants Us to Eat 100% Synthetic Beef: What Is It?

Meanwhile, Memphis Meats, which Gates namechecked in the Technology Review interview, wants to avoid animals altogether whenever possible—including by harvesting cells from procedures like animal biopsies, where cells would be discarded. Memphis Meats makes ground beef, as well as lab-grown chicken and duck. So far, neither Memphis Meats nor Mosa is on any menus, with … Read more

Are insects the food of the future?

Insects have a lot of advantages as a food source. First off, they’re nutritious. They are a great source of protein and other nutrients. Insect farming could also be drastically more efficient than raising livestock. Raising bugs requires a fraction of the space, water, food and energy that pigs or cows do. Advocates argue that … Read more

What’s in a name? For meat alternatives, quite a lot

Last year, Missouri became the first of the 50 US states to officially define meat as a food product coming from animals. Similar bills are being examined across the country.In France, lawmakers in the Chamber of Deputies adopted an amendment that was later rejected and taken up in the Senate targeting products with a “significant” … Read more

Lab-Grown Meat: Beyond Burgers, Seven In-Vitro Foods Coming to Plates

As the promising alternative to traditional meat and plant-based meat substitutes, in-vitro meat first burst onto the scene in 2013, when researcher Mark Post held a tasting session in London. Six years later, the technology is maturing, and it might make the leap from scientific novelty to mass production as soon as 2021. Source: Lab-Grown … Read more