China targets innovation in sustainable protein

For the first time, China’s most recent Five-Year Plan for Agriculture, published in January, includes references to cultivated meat and other synthetic proteins. Specifically, the plan refers to “cell-based meat, synthetic egg cream, functional recombinant protein cultivation” under the heading of “cutting edge and cross integrated technology” in the technology innovation section. Source: China targets … Read more

China’s cell-based meat future: Calls for national strategy to accelerate sector’s growth

Plant-based meats are well-known and accepted in China such as Baicaowei’s recent plant-based sausage snack​ and Jinzi’s plant-based patties, and Greater China countries have seen more advancement such as cell-based seafood firm Avant Meats​ in Hong Kong, but so far, cell-based meat is pretty much in its infancy in the country. Last year, the Nanjing … Read more