Plant-based meat labeling bill passes Kansas House, restaurants exempt

The bill “is needed to protect consumers from deceptive labels,” said Rep. Joe Newland, R-Neodesha, who carried the bill on the House floor. “Meat labels require pre-approval from USDA, but no similar requirements exist for non-meat products.” Newland told the Capital-Journal that restaurants weren’t included in the bill because “our main consideration is that consumer … Read more

Identifying Consumer Groups and Their Characteristics Based on Their Willingness to Engage with Cultured Meat: A Comparison of Four European Countries

Cultured meat, as a product of recent advancement in food technology, might become a viable alternative source of protein to traditional meat. As such, cultured meat production is disruptive as it has the potential to change the demand for traditional meats. Moreover, it has been claimed it can be more sustainable regarding the environment and … Read more

Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming And Has Billions In VC Backing. But Will Consumers Bite?

The question is: Will consumers have an appetite for meat made in stainless steel containers? Startups in the field, with billions in venture funding behind them, are starting to make their case to a sometimes skeptical public, though that effort is hindered by the fact that few have been approved to commercialize their products and … Read more

Chinese Consumers’ Attitudes and Potential Acceptance toward Artificial Meat

The interest for artificial meat has recently expanded. However, from the literature, perception of artificial meat in China is not well known. A survey was thus carried out to investigate Chinese attitudes toward artificial meat. The answers of 4666 respondents concluded that 19.9% and 9.6% of them were definitely willing and unwilling to try artificial … Read more

Lab-Grown Meat Isn’t Natural—And Neither Is Factory Farming

The consumer preference for naturalness is likely restricting the cultured material sector’s progress. While artificial food production systems are proliferating, as are the associated companies’ market shares, this growth is potentially being limited by how consumers perceive these products. According to a 2017 study, only one-third of Americans are willing to eat in vitro meat … Read more

Will Europe Follow Singapore in Approving Cultured Meat?

As the technology matures, cultured meat will not limit itself to replacing traditional meat, but will also bring novel products that can’t be grown by traditional agriculture, such as personalized foods tailored to the needs of a particular person or group. If the success of vegan food is an indicator, the next few years will … Read more

In 11 European Countries, More Than 40% of People are Eating Less Meat

In lieu of meat products, 33 percent of respondents said they were more likely to consume plant-based burgers. Consumers said they were more likely to eat veggie burgers if they weren’t genetically modified. Lab-grown meat ranked low in popularity among the consumers. Only 13 percent said they would cut back on meat in favor of … Read more

Webinar: Overview of the European plant-based food market and consumer, June 30th

The demand for plant-based food is surging across the globe, and consumers from North America to Asia are increasingly interested in delicious plant-based products. In response to this growing demand, the Good Food Institute will be hosting a series of webinars highlighting different plant-based markets around the world. Up first: the Good Food Institute is … Read more