Identifying Consumer Groups and Their Characteristics Based on Their Willingness to Engage with Cultured Meat: A Comparison of Four European Countries

Cultured meat, as a product of recent advancement in food technology, might become a viable alternative source of protein to traditional meat. As such, cultured meat production is disruptive as it has the potential to change the demand for traditional meats. Moreover, it has been claimed it can be more sustainable regarding the environment and … Read more

Cellular Agriculture Europe officially launched

We have proudly launched Cellular Agriculture Europe as a coalition of companies committed to playing our part in building a more resilient and sustainable future. We are entrepreneurs, innovators, and food lovers who developed an alternative to the current production process for animal products. We believe in a future where cellular agriculture, in combination with … Read more

JUST Egg’s Key Ingredient Receives European Safety Approval, Paves Way for Launch

Eat Just, Inc., a company that applies cutting-edge science and technology to create healthier, more sustainable foods, announced today that the key ingredient in its popular plant-based JUST Egg products has received approval from the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) expert panel on nutrition. This paves the way for the initial launch of JUST Egg … Read more

Farm to Fork: What the analysis and data tell us – October 12, 2021

Since the publication of the strategies, several reports have been published that look at their impact, including a report by the European Commission’s Joint Research Center. USDA (the United States Department of Agriculture) has released a report looking at the potential economic and related impacts of the strategies. And Wageningen University & Research is due … Read more

Formo’s Lab-Grown Mozzarella Gets Funds for Cow-Free Cheese Expansion

A startup that makes cultured mozzarella and ricotta cheeses without cows has just got record funding from investors looking to tap the growing market for environmentally friendly dairy alternatives.Berlin-based Formo will use the $50 million of Series A funding — a record for a European foodtech — to expand its product range into mature and … Read more

New €32m fund for plant-based and meat alternatives research

Launched by EU Funding programme Horizon Europe, the funding is the groups biggest package of support covering plant-based, cultivate meat and fermentation to date. The multi-annual EU funding framework, which will run from 2021 to 2027, contained three projects directly covering this area and followed and open letter from the Good Food Institute Europe and 21 other organisations that called on the European Commission to invest … Read more

When will lab-grown meat reach the European market?

As cultivated meat and fat are novel foods, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) requires they be approved as such. In March this year, EFSA published scientific and technical guidance for the preparation and submission of applications for authorisation of novel foods. Within this latest guidance, EFSA indicates which data are required for submissions, including … Read more

Europe? The U.S.? Israel? Which Country Might Be Next to Approve Cultured Meat

The question was asked again this week when an article from Food Navigator zeroed in on Europe, noting, “Europeans want to know when it will be their turn: when will cultivated meat be served on EU plates?” It seems the most probable answer is three to five years. Source: Europe? The U.S.? Israel? Which Country … Read more

Will Europe Follow Singapore in Approving Cultured Meat?

As the technology matures, cultured meat will not limit itself to replacing traditional meat, but will also bring novel products that can’t be grown by traditional agriculture, such as personalized foods tailored to the needs of a particular person or group. If the success of vegan food is an indicator, the next few years will … Read more