4 Undervalued Future-Of-Food Stocks To Consider Buying

The food industry is undergoing significant transformations, with large corporations and start-ups innovating in taste, health benefits, safety, and transparency. People have better understood the quality of the food they consume because of increased access to information and breakthroughs in scientific study, leading to an extensive discussion of innovation in the food industry. Source: 4 … Read more

Here’s Y Combinator’s answer to cultivated meat’s scaling problem

To do this, cultured and plant-based meat companies need to solve scientific problems ranging from bioreactor size and efficiency to the high costs of growth factors used in cell-cultured meat. Some startups see these scaling problems as a foothold in the alternative meat space. Rather than launching brands, these are B2B alternative protein companies developing … Read more

Faux Meat And Dairy Startups Consume Nearly Half Of Record $13B VC Investment Into Foodtech

It remains to be seen how foodtech will fare in 2022 compared to last year’s record investment totals. Startups in general this year are experiencing a dip in global venture funding and a nearly shuttered IPO market. Venture-backed startups are also facing lower valuations than they were just a few months ago, and founders say … Read more

Israeli cell-based meat start-up Aleph Farms to develop cultivated collagen

Rehovot-based cultured meat company Aleph Farms plans to add cell-based collagen to its production line in a bid to tackle the unsustainability of cattle farming.The new product will be made from the cells of cows, a process which does not harm the animal, and hopes to reduce the intensive animal slaughtering practices which currently produce … Read more

M-Food co-founder argues Europe’s insect food ingredients boom has “higher potential than plant-based”

With the two insect species having been granted Novel Food authorizations in the EU, FoodIngredientsFirst speaks to M-Food’s co-founder Dave van der Pasch about the insect-based ingredients company’s forecast for this burgeoning sector. “The possibilities are almost endless, giving insect consumption an even higher potential than the plant-based meat revolution,” he argues. Source: M-Food co-founder … Read more

Albert Heijn to go majority plant-based by 2030

Albert Heijn, the Netherlands’ largest supermarket chain, has pledged to expand its plant-based range to more than half of its total offering by 2030. The aim of this move is to make plant-based eating more affordable and accessible to all, according to the supermarket, and will involve adding more than 150 new products to its … Read more

When the Impossible Becomes Inevitable: The Quest for Serum-Free Cultivated Meat

Criticism of the cultivated meat industry’s use of FBS has existed for more than a decade. In 2012, for example, a guest column in Discover Magazine called FBS a “fatal flaw” of this kind of meat. Slate in 2013 called cultivated meat “a waste of time” for this reason and others, and the same publication … Read more

What Will the Future of Plant-Based Meat Look Like?

In late 2021, Impossible Foods announced a record-breaking $500 million investment round to fuel the future of plant-based protein ahead of an anticipated IPO in early 2022. The decade-old startup is gaining ground on rival Beyond Meat, a publicly traded company that’s experienced some stock market fluctuations due to the pandemic. But with such impressive … Read more