A cow’s worth of protein every two minutes – how fermentation could feed millions

Sustainable protein companies are building on age-old methods of making products like tempeh to produce foods that deliver the distinctive flavours and textures of animal products, without farming animals. Innomy and Libre Foods in Spain, Sweden’s Mycorena, Germany’s Mushlabs and The Protein Brewery in the Netherlands are just some of the European startups using fermentation … Read more

Helaina raises $20 million in Series A to scale production of its human milk proteins using precision fermentation Co-Led by Spark Capital and Siam Capital

Helaina, the company using precision fermentation to recreate immune-equivalent proteins previously only available in breast milk, announced today it has raised $20 million in Series A funding. The round was co-led by Spark Capital and Siam Capital, with additional investment from Primary Venture Partners, Plum Alley Investments, Tom Williams, Hannah Bronfman, Gabrielle Union, Matt Rutler … Read more

West Sacramento alternative meat company opens new fermentation plant

The Better Meat Co. hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony this week to open its new multi-million dollar fermentation plant that will produce the company’s new mycoprotein ingredient, Rhiza.The West Sacramento plant was built in a former moon bounce facility called The Bounce Spot, which owner Paul Shapiro said is fitting since his facility will now ensure … Read more

Clara Foods launches animal-free pepsin: ‘We want to accelerate the world’s transition to animal-free proteins’

The animal-free pepsin – ​which will be distributed by Ingredion​​ – has the same functionality as the animal-derived variety, with the added benefits of “safe and consistent sourcing, quality control, price stability and vastly increased sustainability,”​ said San Francisco-based Clara Foods​​, which is best-known for using engineered microbes to express egg proteins (minus the chickens). Source: … Read more

Tiny Organisms, Huge Potential

But there is a rising star on the alternative protein scene—a versatile platform that is simultaneously familiar and well established yet completely underexplored and untapped for its true potential within the alternative protein sector. Microbial fermentation can create a novel center-of-plate experience as a standalone ingredient or provide a functional or sensory boost so subtle … Read more

Air Protein: Using fermentation to make alternative protein

While other well-known meat alternative companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat make plant-based protein from soy and peas, Air Protein is the first to make “air-based” protein by farming carbon from the air with microbes. The startup’s recent $32 million Series A funding round, closed in January and led by investors ADM Ventures, Barclays … Read more