Interview with Lou Cooperhouse from BlueNalu – Food Entrepreneurs

We are thrilled to share our interview with Lou Cooperhouse, co-founder, president & CEO of BlueNalu. BlueNalu is a company creating cell-cultured seafood to provide consumers with great tasting products that are healthy for people, humane for sea life, and sustainable for our planet. Lou participated in the 4th Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit on November … Read more

Scientists use algae to cultivate boneless sea bass fillet

A team of scientists plans to use algae to develop new techniques for cultivating boneless fish fillets from sea bass cells.The Algae2Fish project is being led by Associate Professor Frederico Ferreira from the University of Lisbon’s Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences, with funding from sustainable food NGO the Good Food Institute (GFI). Source: Scientists use … Read more

Growing Sushi in San Francisco – Food Tech Digest

San Francisco based company Wildtype specialises in agriculture technology. More specifically, they’re working with cell-based agriculture to grow salmon for human consumption. But what does this mean? Throughout this blog, we’re going to take a look at what exactly Wildtype is doing, and why they’re shaping the future of seafood. Source: Growing Sushi in San … Read more

An Overview of the Challenges and Innovations of the Current Cellular Aquaculture Industry 

Cellular aquaculture has much potential as a new way to meet the limitations of wild capture and aquaculture in supplying the global demand for seafood. Cell-based seafood would also help conserve and restore our oceans and aquatic habitats, as the industry becomes increasingly efficient and innovative. Source: An Overview of the Challenges and Innovations of … Read more

Bluu Biosciences raises cash to become Europe’s first purveyor of lab-grown salmon, trout and carp

Bluu Biosciences has raised €7 million in a round of financing from investors including Manta Ray Ventures, Norrsken VC, Be8, CPT Capital and Lever VC to compete with a host of startups like BluNalu, Wild Type and Shiok Meats in a bid to market with a lab-grown fish replacement. The company is picking up speed … Read more

Revo Foods unveils 3D-printed plant-based salmon

Austrian-based Revo Foods announced on Facebook it will host what it believes is the ‘world’s first’ public tasting event for its 3D-printed, plant-based ‘Salmon with Attitude’ at a restaurant in Vienna on 6 March. “​The future of seafood has arrived!”​ it wrote. “After countless of hours spent on R&D, we are happy to announce that … Read more

KBW Ventures invests in BlueNalu

UAE-based KBW Ventures has increased its stake in US-based BlueNalu, participating in its newly-raised $60 million convertible note financing round. KBW Ventures previously invested in BlueNalu’s $20 million Series A round.The fresh round was led by Rage Capital and included the participation of Agronomics, Lewis & Clark AgriFood, McWin, Siddhi Capital, Clear Current Capital, CPT … Read more

Legendary Vish Creates Plant-based Salmon through 3D Bioprinting

To create a more sustainable seafood option, three Ph.D. students decided to apply their experience in 3D bioprinting. The result is the Austrian startup Legendary Vish, which uses plant-based ingredients and 3D bioprinting to re-create a realistic salmon fillet. Source: Legendary Vish Creates Plant-based Salmon through 3D Bioprinting

BlueNalu San Diego startup shows off world’s first slaughter-free yellowtail

“Our medallions of yellowtail can be cooked via direct heat, steamed or even fried in oil; can be marinated in an acidified solution for applications like poke, ceviche, and kimchi, or can be prepared in the raw state,” said BlueNalu’s CEO Lou Cooperhouse in a statement. “This is an enormous accomplishment and we don’t believe … Read more

‘Fake fish’ start-up BlueNalu raises $20m to become the seafood equivalent to Beyond Meat

A start-up backed by Brexiteer billionaire Jim Mellon has raised $20m (£16m) to grow “fake fish” in the lab and capitalise on the trend for meat-free dietsBlueNalu, based in San Diego, California, is raising one of the largest early stage funding rounds in emerging “alternative meat” sector speaheaded by Wall Street darling Beyond Meat. Source: … Read more