Lab-grown food start-ups turn to gourmet cuisine

It has been about eight years since a protest outside his restaurant in Soho, London, turned Alexis Gauthier against foie gras. Confronted with compelling arguments about the cruelty involved in its production — the “fat liver” comes from ducks and geese that are force-fed — the Michelin-starred chef decided he could no longer serve it.In … Read more

France falls behind as other countries master ‘cultured meat’

The non-profit Cellular Agriculture France has sounded the alarm on an industry it says is being neglected by France, despite making strides elsewhere. Co-founder Nathalie Rolland, a food science specialist, said the known benefits of cultivated meat to human health, animal welfare and the environment warranted public money being spent on its development. “If the … Read more

Bel Group backs plant-based innovation with Paris accelerator on the cards

BIV currently runs four accelerator programmes per year in New York and Singapore. But with Bel on board, the US-based venture fund says it hopes to open an accelerator in Paris in 2021.For Bel, backing the New Protein Fund aligns with its commitment to ‘enabling a better balance between plant and animal proteins in food’. … Read more

European Markets for Cultured Meat: A Comparison of Germany and France

Substantial markets for cultured meat exist in both countries, although German consumers are significantly more open to the concept than the French. Strikingly, cultured meat acceptance is significantly higher amongst agricultural and meat workers, indicating that those who are closest to existing meat production methods are most likely to prefer alternatives. We found some evidence … Read more

Seaweed-Based Protein: French Biomarine Startup Algaia Scores US$2.4M To Improve Plant Meat Texture

Algaia, a French biomarine ingredient company specialising in seaweed natural extracts, has just completed a US$2.4 million investment round, which it says it will spend on developing a new range of seaweed-based solutions that can be used to create plant-based substitutes. The company has seen double-digit growth over the past years, as demand for seaweed-based … Read more

Agriculture Cellulaire France

Agriculture Cellulaire France est une association française dont le but est d’informer et d’alimenter la réflexion autour de l’agriculture cellulaire. L’agriculture cellulaire permet la production de produits animaux à partir de cellules plutôt que d’animaux, contribuant à la résolution des problèmes associés à l’élevage industriel. Pour accomplir notre mission, et avec l’aide de nos conseillers, … Read more