Faux Leather, Real Money: Fabric Funding Sizzles As Startups Spin Out Cell-Grown Leather And More

This week was a case in point, with Silicon Valley-based VitroLabs, a developer of cell-cultivated leather, closing on $46 million in a Series A funding round. Agronomics led the financing, joined by a list of backers including Khosla Ventures and Leonardo DiCaprio. Source: Faux Leather, Real Money: Fabric Funding Sizzles As Startups Spin Out Cell-Grown … Read more

Nowadays puts its spin on plant-based nuggets

The latest company to attract venture capital is Nowadays, a company founded in San Francisco in 2020 as a Public Benefit Corporation by Max Elder and Dominik Grabinski.Elder told TechCrunch that the company raised $7 million in a seed round, touting it as “one of the highest seed-stage valuations in its category” — he declined … Read more

CellMEAT, a South Korean lab-grown shrimp producer, bags $8.1M Series A funding

As consumers’ interest in the environment and nutrition rises, food-tech companies join the race to invent meat alternatives. In 2021, alternative seafood companies received $175 million in investment globally, increasing 92% from 2020. A South Korean startup called CellMEAT, which develops cell-based shrimp, has secured $8.1 million (10 billion KRW) Series A funding to compete … Read more

UPSIDE Foods bites into $400M round to serve cultivated meat later this year

Another company gobbling a large chunk of those meaty investment dollars for commercialization is UPSIDE Foods, which you might remember was Memphis Meats. The Berkeley-based company, making cultivated meat, poultry and seafood, took in $400 million in Series C funding, touting it as “the largest round in the industry to date.” Source: UPSIDE Foods bites … Read more

Singer-songwriter Sia invests in cultured meat company Bond Pet Foods

Founded in 2017, Bond Pet Foods offer a lab-grown meat alternative for pets. Using heritage hen feathers, the team extracts the genetic code from these cells enabling them to grow chicken proteins; then uses a fermentation process to create the final product. It claims that the product includes all of the essential amino acids that … Read more

Can $100 million get Wildtype’s cell-grown ‘sushi-grade’ salmon into the wild?

Wildtype, a six-year-old, San Francisco-based outfit that’s developing cultured salmon from cells outside the animal, just raised $100 million in Series B funding to make its product ubiquitous, from top restaurants to grocery stores. Whether it can pull off this plan is a question mark, but it’s easy to see what has its new investors … Read more

IntegriCulture scores $7m for ‘outside-factor-free’ cell ag

IntegriCulture, a Japanese startup striving to bring down the costs of cellular ag, has raised $7 million in Series A-plus funding.New investors joining the round included Future Food Fund, Kemuri Ventures‘ Shoku-no-Mirai-Fund, Resona Capital, Plan Do See, Yamaguchi Capital, Iyogin Capital, and SuMi TRUST Innovation Fund – a vehicle jointly established by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust … Read more

Agronomics Leads Pre-Seed Funding Round For Cultivated Wagyu Beef Producer Ohayo Valley

Investment company Agronomics, which has a focus on cellular agriculture, has led the pre-seed funding round for cultivated meat company Ohayo Valley.Ohayo is developing cultivated Wagyu ribeye steak, with plans to produce other beef products. The company was co-founded last year by Dr. Jess Krieger, who was previously the CSO at cultivated meat company Artemys … Read more