Israel Innovation Authority’s $20.4M to Israel cultivated meat consortium

The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), an independent publicly funded agency, is investing $20.4M over the next three years to establish a consortium of companies and organisations focused on cell-based meat innovation, the Israel cultivated meat consortium. Source: Israel Innovation Authority’s $20.4M to Israel cultivated meat consortium

Tufts Receives $10 Million Grant to Help Develop Cultivated Meat

As the world’s demand for protein grows, food production needs to keep pace. Now a team led by a Tufts professor has received a five-year, $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop an alternative food source: meat produced not from farm animals, but from cells grown in bioreactors. Source: Tufts Receives … Read more

New Harvest Funds Australian Research on Cell-Based Crayfish Meat

An aquaculture researcher from the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) has secured a seed grant from US-based research institute New Harvest to develop cell-based crayfish meat.The grant recipient, Lisa Musgrove, will be using the funds to investigate crayfish growth factors and cell culture during her Honours degree in 2021, under the supervision of USC GeneCology … Read more

National Science Foundation Awards UC Davis $3.55 Million for Cultivated Meat Research

The U.S. government awarded a total of $3.55 million, to be dispersed over five years, to a team of researchers at UC Davis for open-access cultivated meat research. The researchers will receive $1.15 million upfront and unlock an additional $2.4 million upon demonstration of sufficient progress in the first two years of the project. This … Read more

Start-up VOW secures grant to produce lab-grown meat

The state’s Minister for Jobs, Investment and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayers, announced that North Parramatta-based start-up VOW has been awarded the grant funding in order to develop its technology that sees meat cultivated from animal cells.VOW was established in March this year, according to the LinkedIn profiles of its two founders, former Cochlear design lead … Read more