Aleph Farms launches cultivated steak pilot production

Israeli cultured meat company Aleph Farms has announced that it has moved into its new headquarters in Rehovot. The new 6,000 square meters facility, at an investment of NIS 40 million, increases the company’s operations six-fold, and will allow Aleph Farms to launch pilot production for cultivated steaks, build an R&D center to enhance its … Read more

Cellular Agriculture Europe officially launched

We have proudly launched Cellular Agriculture Europe as a coalition of companies committed to playing our part in building a more resilient and sustainable future. We are entrepreneurs, innovators, and food lovers who developed an alternative to the current production process for animal products. We believe in a future where cellular agriculture, in combination with … Read more

JBS to acquire cultivated meat company in $100m investment

JBS – the world’s largest meat processor – plans to acquire a majority stake in Spanish cultivated meat company BioTech Foods. In May, JBS agreed to acquire Netherlands plant-based protein brand Vivera in a deal worth €341 million ($409 million). Source: JBS to acquire cultivated meat company in $100m investment

Food safety considerations and research priorities for the cultured meat and seafood industry

Cell-cultured meat and seafood offer a sustainable opportunity to meet the world’s increasing demand for protein in a climate-changed world. A responsible, data-driven approach to assess and demonstrate safety of cell-cultured meat and seafood can support consumer acceptance and help fully realize the potential of these products. As an initial step toward a thorough demonstration … Read more

Karana: Creating Asia’s first whole-plant based alternative meat brand

Karana is the Singapore food start-up positioning itself as Asia’s first whole-plant-based meat brand. Its flagship product — a pulled pork substitute — is made entirely from jackfruit, oil and salt, without processed ingredients or preservatives. Started in 2018 as demand for meat alternatives was growing, Riegler said he saw a gap in the market … Read more

Reducing the cost of cell-cultured meat… In conversation with Richcore Lifesciences

Cell culture media formulas are a closely guarded secret in the nascent cell-cultured meat industry, says Bangalore-based Richcore Lifesciences. However, they typically contain water, amino acids (lysine, arginine etc), sugars (glucose), salts, vitamins, buffering agents, recombinant proteins (albumin, transferrin etc) and growth factors (FGF, IGF, TGF etc), which send signals to encourage cells to do … Read more

Israeli foodtech firm Future Meat lands $26.75M to produce cultured chicken for under $8

Future Meat Technologies, an Israeli Foodtech firm that develops cultured meat products, closed $26.75 million in funding. The investment came from the company’s strategic partners and VC backers, including Tyson Foods, ADM, Müller Group and Rich’s Products Corporation, alongside leading venture capital investors such as S2G Ventures, ADM Capital, Emerald Technology Ventures, Manta Ray Ventures … Read more

Lab-Grown Meat Isn’t Natural—And Neither Is Factory Farming

The consumer preference for naturalness is likely restricting the cultured material sector’s progress. While artificial food production systems are proliferating, as are the associated companies’ market shares, this growth is potentially being limited by how consumers perceive these products. According to a 2017 study, only one-third of Americans are willing to eat in vitro meat … Read more