Cultivated meat, cell-cultured meat, lab-grown meat? Stakeholders weigh in on nomenclature as products near commercialization in US market

Comments submitted to USDA over how best to label meat and poultry made from animal cells grown outside of animals reflect the challenge facing US regulators as they seek to nail down nomenclature in this nascent market as startups in the space edge closer to commercialization. The comments – which you can read HERE​​ – … Read more

Cell-based meat companies join forces

The coalition formally starting Thursday consists of well-financed food tech start-ups, including Memphis Meats, JUST, and Fork & Goode, which are all developing cell-based meat products. The group also includes BlueNalu and Finless Foods, which are developing cell-based seafood products.”We’re seeing consumer interest, we’re seeing broad media interest, policy-maker interest; it all has happened pretty … Read more