Faux Leather, Real Money: Fabric Funding Sizzles As Startups Spin Out Cell-Grown Leather And More

This week was a case in point, with Silicon Valley-based VitroLabs, a developer of cell-cultivated leather, closing on $46 million in a Series A funding round. Agronomics led the financing, joined by a list of backers including Khosla Ventures and Leonardo DiCaprio. Source: Faux Leather, Real Money: Fabric Funding Sizzles As Startups Spin Out Cell-Grown … Read more

Lab-grown meat start-ups hope to make strides in 2022

Cultivated or cultured meats are real animal products made in labs and commercial production facilities. Right now, the process is costly, but researchers and entrepreneurs say over time manufacturing will become more efficient and less expensive. If consumers switch to cultivated meat, it could help reduce greenhouse gases from agriculture and ease climate change. Source: … Read more

Cultured Meat Startup Meatable Raises $47 Million Series A

Dutch cultured meat startup Meatable announced today that it has raised a $47 million Series A round of funding. Investors include Dr. Rick Klausner, Section 32, Dr. Jeffrey Leiden, and DSM Venturing, with participation from existing investors including BlueYard Capital, Agronomics, Humboldt, and Taavet Hinrikus. This brings Meatable’s total funding raised so far to $60 … Read more

Bill Gates Wants Us to Eat 100% Synthetic Beef: What Is It?

Meanwhile, Memphis Meats, which Gates namechecked in the Technology Review interview, wants to avoid animals altogether whenever possible—including by harvesting cells from procedures like animal biopsies, where cells would be discarded. Memphis Meats makes ground beef, as well as lab-grown chicken and duck. So far, neither Memphis Meats nor Mosa is on any menus, with … Read more

Alternative meat and dairy companies are raking in investment

“Cultivated” or “cell-based” meat companies, growing food from animal cells, raised 417% more than in all of 2019. In part, it’s a continuation of a long-term trend. “2019 really appeared to be the tipping point where plant-based meat shifted into the mainstream,” says Caroline Bushnell, associate director of corporate engagement at the Good Food Institute. … Read more

KBW Ventures invests in US-based Memphis Meats

UAE-based KBW Ventures,  the venture capital (VC) firm founded by Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, son of Saudi Arabia billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal,  has invested in a $161 million Series B for US-based cell-based meat, poultry and seafood company Memphis Meats. The round was led by SoftBank Group, Norwest and Temasek, and was joined by … Read more

Wild Type Raises $12.5M Series A to Accelerate Production of its Cultured Salmon

Wild Type, a startup developing cultured salmon (that is, fish grown from cells outside the animal), announced today that it had raised a $12.5 million Series A funding round. The round was led by CRV with participation from Maven Ventures, Spark Capital and Root Ventures, the last two of which had previously invested in Wild … Read more