Israel Innovation Authority’s $20.4M to Israel cultivated meat consortium

The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), an independent publicly funded agency, is investing $20.4M over the next three years to establish a consortium of companies and organisations focused on cell-based meat innovation, the Israel cultivated meat consortium. Source: Israel Innovation Authority’s $20.4M to Israel cultivated meat consortium

MeaTech 3D Reports Breakthrough in Cultured Steak Production

MeaTech 3D Ltd. revealed today that it has succeeded in bioprinting a 3.67 oz (104-gram) cultivated steak, primarily composed of cultivated real fat and muscle cells. The company believes that it is the largest cultured steak produced to date. This groundbreaking achievement serves as an important milestone toward the goal of scaled production of cultivated … Read more

Israeli cultured meat company aims to redefine industry

Israeli cultured meat foodtech company SuperMeat has been piloting a farm-to-fork restaurant that serves a chicken menu based on meat cultivated on-site in a futuristic kitchen. The restaurant, called “The Chicken,” is located in the small city of Ness Ziona. From the outside, it looks like another building in the high-tech industrial area of the … Read more

Future Meat opens world’s first cultured meat facility

Israeli food-tech company Future Meat Technologies, which has developed innovative technology to produce cultured meat, has announced that it has opened the world’s first industrial cultured meat facility. The Rehovot-based company says that it has the manufacturing capacity to produce 500 kilograms of cultured products a day, equivalent to 5,000 hamburgers. Source: Future Meat opens … Read more

Israeli alternative-meat ecosystem on fast track for growth

According to the report, alt-protein has accelerated faster than any other industry in Israel since 2018, with a 187% CAGR in investments. In 2020, the sector raised $114 million, eight times the investment capital raised in 2018, indicating growing momentum for sustainable alternatives to meat. The report maps out the entire ecosystem, revealing the tight web … Read more

Israel is a fake meat powerhouse

For such a small country, Israel has a disproportionately high number of alternative meat startups – over 50, according to Nir Goldstein, the managing director of the Good Food Institute Israel. This should come as no surprise: Israel’s startup ecosystem frequently ranks among the best in the world. But there is ample support for alt-meat … Read more

Redefine Meat Raises a $29M Series A Round for its 3D-Printed Plant-Based Meats

Israeli plant-based meat startup Redefine Meat announced today that it has closed a $29 million Series A round of funding. The round was led by Happiness Capital and Hanaco Ventures with participation from CPT Capital, Losa Group, Sake Bosch, and K3 Ventures. This brings the total amount raised by Redefine to $35 million. Source: Redefine … Read more

Israeli start-up aims to print real meat from cellular ink

Taking an alternative lab-based approach is Ness Ziona-based MeaTech, which is coupling expertise in the field of tissue engineering and 3D printing technology. While still some years from hitting supermarket shelves, the ambitious start-up is developing a system to print real meat and will produce its first samples later this year. Source: Israeli start-up aims … Read more

Aleph Farms 3D Prints the First Beef Steak in Space

The Israeli biotech’s experiment is the first proof that meat can be grown in outer space. Aleph Farms created the meat using a 3D bioprinter developed by the Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions. The experiment has now opened the door to a future where astronauts can grow their own meat on space exploration missions.“Space is … Read more