Cell-Cultured Meats Should be Distinctly Labeled, Ag Groups Tell USDA in Comments

“Meat as defined by the CFR, is the muscle of an animal. Lab-grown protein companies claim that their products give consumers the opportunity to consume a protein product that does not come directly from an animal but is rather grown from animal cells. Such a product can, at best, be classified as a ‘meat byproduct’ … Read more

Cell-based, cultured… or something else? The new seafood labeling challenge.

The Hallman study is significant because it followed a robust scientific process. Based on the analysis, we think the most appropriate terms are “cell-based” or “cell-cultured” meat or seafood, while the term “cultivated” without the word “cell” is misleading. A similar thorough analysis should be done for other types of meats. Source: Cell-based, cultured… or … Read more