Five patenting pitfalls in future food (and how to avoid them)

Future food is an emerging field, where the consensus around best practice is yet to settle. However, this provides significant opportunities for applicants who know how to draft realistic patents with valuable claim language in reserve. Fortunately, the obstacles identified above can be avoided with a little preparation at the drafting stage, and enlisting the … Read more

Permission for cultured meat sampling next step towards sustainable meat

Today, the Dutch House of Representatives passed a motion proposed by the D66 and VVD parties to make sampling of cultured meat legally possible. According to Mosa Meat (one of two companies in the Netherlands working on the development of cultured meat), the strong support of the House of Representatives for cultured meat “speaks volumes … Read more

Lab-grown meat start-ups hope to make strides in 2022

Cultivated or cultured meats are real animal products made in labs and commercial production facilities. Right now, the process is costly, but researchers and entrepreneurs say over time manufacturing will become more efficient and less expensive. If consumers switch to cultivated meat, it could help reduce greenhouse gases from agriculture and ease climate change. Source: … Read more

Regulatory approvals, scale next hurdles for cell-based meat category 

The question is no longer if the technologies used to develop products are viable, but how they will be regulated? In addition to price and achieving economies of scale, Lux Research identified regulatory approval as a principal challenge facing the cell-based meat category and noted that while Singapore’s approval in 2020 is a step in … Read more

Cultivated meat is gaining momentum—and pathways for regulatory approval

As cultivated meat moves closer to—and enters—markets globally, various countries are using existing novel food regulations or developing new ones to assess the new products. To bolster the cultivated meat industry around the globe, we’re sharing where several key regions currently stand with cultivated meat regulation. Source: Cultivated meat is gaining momentum—and pathways for regulatory … Read more

Japan: Regulatory Updates on Shaping the Cultivated Meat Market

The first move is the government initiative in establishing the Food Tech Research Group. The Food Tech Research Group, including over 100 companies, was launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) in April 2020. It aims to foster the food industry and strengthen Japan’s food security through utilizing different cutting-edge technology. Source: … Read more

Virginia Governor Vetoes Label Censorship

Following calls from The Good Food Institute, the Plant Based Food Association, and others to reject legislation that would censor the labels of plant-based milk products, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has vetoed House Bill 119. Out of 1,291 measures passed during this year’s General Assembly session, this is the only bill that Governor Northam chose … Read more

Md. bill would restrict what foods may be labeled “meat”

“Laboratory-grown meat will become more prevalent in the future, and this bill will proactively prevent these franken-meat alternatives from being labeled as meat,” Gallion said at Thursday’s bill hearing.“We just think it’s unnecessary. Not only are our members in full compliance with all federal regulations on the subject, but we’ve even gone beyond that with … Read more

Federal Court Blocks ‘Veggie Burger’ Censorship Law

A federal court today blocked the state of Arkansas from enforcing its meat label censorship law against The Tofurky Company. The law makes it illegal for companies to use words like “burger,” “sausage,” and “roast” to describe products that are not made from animals, such as veggie burgers, even if modified by qualifiers such as … Read more