Aleph Farms launches cultivated steak pilot production

Israeli cultured meat company Aleph Farms has announced that it has moved into its new headquarters in Rehovot. The new 6,000 square meters facility, at an investment of NIS 40 million, increases the company’s operations six-fold, and will allow Aleph Farms to launch pilot production for cultivated steaks, build an R&D center to enhance its … Read more

Scaffolding Biomaterials for 3D Cultivated Meat: Prospects and Challenges

Cultivating meat from stem cells rather than by raising animals is a promising solution to concerns about the negative externalities of meat production. For cultivated meat to fully mimic conventional meat’s organoleptic and nutritional properties, innovations in scaffolding technology are required. Many scaffolding technologies are already developed for use in biomedical tissue engineering. However, cultivated … Read more

A Chinese Biotech Startup Could Best Conventional Meat Prices by 2025

Shanghai-based biotech startup CellX believes it has the technical know-how to address the challenges facing lab-grown meat and is the first company to offer it in China. Making up 30 percent of the global demand, China is the largest consumer of meat with an annual consumption of 86 million tons, Reuters reported. Lab-grown meat holds … Read more