China Holds First Cellular Agriculture Forum To Embolden Cultivated Meat Progress

Domestic cultivated meat companies in attendance at the first China Cellular Agriculture Forum included initiator Shanghai’s CellX, Hong Kong-based Avant Meats and Nanjing-located Joes Future Food. International participants with significant interest in the future Chinese market also joined, such as Israel’s Aleph Farms and SuperMeat, Californian pioneers Upside Foods and BlueNalu, Singapore’s TurtleTree Labs, and … Read more

Mzansi Meat to launch first cultivated beef burger onto African market

South-African cell-based meats company Mzansi Meat are planning to unveil their cultivated beef burger at an event next month. The product is the first created in an African country.After after a successful two years of R&D, and being a part of the Brinc Food Tech accelerator program, the Cape Town-based company will be able to … Read more

Alternative protein investments reached $5 billion in 2021

Investment in the development of plant-based meat, dairy and egg alternatives, cultivated meat and alternative protein fermentation companies reached $5 billion in 2021, according to the Good Food Institute, an alternative protein advocacy group. The figure is 61% greater than the 2020 investment of $3.1 billion. Source: Alternative protein investments reached $5 billion in 2021 … Read more

Can $100 million get Wildtype’s cell-grown ‘sushi-grade’ salmon into the wild?

Wildtype, a six-year-old, San Francisco-based outfit that’s developing cultured salmon from cells outside the animal, just raised $100 million in Series B funding to make its product ubiquitous, from top restaurants to grocery stores. Whether it can pull off this plan is a question mark, but it’s easy to see what has its new investors … Read more

When the Impossible Becomes Inevitable: The Quest for Serum-Free Cultivated Meat

Criticism of the cultivated meat industry’s use of FBS has existed for more than a decade. In 2012, for example, a guest column in Discover Magazine called FBS a “fatal flaw” of this kind of meat. Slate in 2013 called cultivated meat “a waste of time” for this reason and others, and the same publication … Read more

Facts you MUST know about synthetic meat

Cultured meat may be available in India by 2025, which will allow meat consumers to enjoy animal products without killing or harming the animal. Humane Society International (HSI) India has joined hands with the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad for developing lab-grown meat in India. Source: Facts you MUST know about … Read more

Lab-Grown Shrimp’s Price Tag Shows Long Way Ahead to Mass Market

For a sense of how far cultivated meat is from reaching supermarket shelves and dinner tables, just take a look at the cost.Singapore-based Shiok Meats Pte plans to launch its flagship cell-based shrimp in 18 months at about S$50 ($37) a kilogram, Chief Executive Officer Sandhya Sriram said in an interview. That’s roughly double the … Read more