Remote Biotechnology Marketing Internship at Cultured Meat Symposium

Job Description- Develop marketing materials for the food and science industry- Weekly discussions with the event managing teams- Planning coordination of 500+ person online symposium to be held in October 2020- Sales and marketing to promote ticket sales and partnership opportunities Source: Remote Biotechnology Marketing Internship at Cultured Meat Symposium

Cultivated meat, cell-cultured meat, lab-grown meat? Stakeholders weigh in on nomenclature as products near commercialization in US market

Comments submitted to USDA over how best to label meat and poultry made from animal cells grown outside of animals reflect the challenge facing US regulators as they seek to nail down nomenclature in this nascent market as startups in the space edge closer to commercialization. The comments – which you can read HERE​​ – … Read more

SHIFT20: ‘Cell-based’ could be the best way to describe cell-cultured seafood on labels, suggests large consumer study

‘Lab-grown’ seafood is a food marketer’s nightmare. ‘Clean’ seafood carries the tacit implication that the regular stuff is dirty. ‘Cultivated’ seafood – a term that performed well in recent research on meat & poultry – could be confused with farmed fish. However, ‘cell-based’ – while not perfect – may be the best common or usual … Read more

Consumer preferences for farm-raised meat, lab-grown meat, and plant-based meat alternatives: Does information or brand matter?

This study reports the results of a nationwide survey of more than 1800 U.S. consumers who completed a choice experiment in which they selected among conventional beef and three alternative burger patties, (lab-grown, plant-based with pea protein, and plant-based with animal-like protein) at different prices. Results from random parameter logit models indicate that, holding prices … Read more

Acceptance of cultured meat increases with information

  If people are properly informed about cultured meat, most are willing to pay nearly 40 percent more for it than for ‘regular meat’, according to research from Maastricht University (UM), where Professor Mark Post created the “world’s first lab-grown hamburger” in 2013. Now at UM, a study has been conducted on consumer acceptance in … Read more