Mzansi Meat to launch first cultivated beef burger onto African market

South-African cell-based meats company Mzansi Meat are planning to unveil their cultivated beef burger at an event next month. The product is the first created in an African country.After after a successful two years of R&D, and being a part of the Brinc Food Tech accelerator program, the Cape Town-based company will be able to … Read more

Agronomics Leads Pre-Seed Funding Round For Cultivated Wagyu Beef Producer Ohayo Valley

Investment company Agronomics, which has a focus on cellular agriculture, has led the pre-seed funding round for cultivated meat company Ohayo Valley.Ohayo is developing cultivated Wagyu ribeye steak, with plans to produce other beef products. The company was co-founded last year by Dr. Jess Krieger, who was previously the CSO at cultivated meat company Artemys … Read more

Lab to Table: Identifying the Genes Responsible For Muscle Tissue Development in Cows

What distinguishes a muscle cell from a fat cell or a skin cell? The answer is “gene expression.” More precisely, the particular combination of genes that are “turned on or off” in a cell which dictates cellular morphology and function. Although genome sequencing and analysis has been employed vastly in the study of disease and … Read more

Impact Venture Capital Firm Clear Current Capital Launches Fund ll

Florida-based venture capital firm Clear Current Capital announces its new impact fund focusing on early stage investments in US companies in the plant-based food, cell-cultured meat and fermented food spaces, as well as other mission-aligned enterprises. Fund ll expands the mission of Clear Current Capital, by creating additional resources focused on environmental sustainability, animal cruelty, … Read more

Mirai Foods Raises $2.1M CHF for Commercialization of Cultured Meat

Switzerland-based Mirai Foods, announced this week that it has raised $2.1M CHF (~$2.4 million USD) in funding in its initial Seed round (hat tip to FoodBev Media). The round included participation from seven investors in total, including the Pauling Group and Team Europe.This most recent round of funding will be used to accelerate the commercialization … Read more

Lab-grown meat can be genetically enhanced with plant nutrients

“Cows don’t have any of the genes for producing beta carotene,” explains lead author on the new study, Andrew Stout. “We engineered cow muscle cells to produce this and other phytonutrients, which in turn allows us to impart those nutritional benefits directly onto a cultured meat product in a way that is likely infeasible through … Read more

Nova Meat: “The Future of Alternative Meat Will Not be Black or White, But a Variety of Hybrids”

In our case, our microextrusion technology is based on an advanced strategy, borrowed from tissue engineering, which is able to biohack highly-proteic plant-based compositions and process them at the micro- and nanometric levels, to achieve products that mimic a variety of whole muscle cuts. Once scaled at industrial level with faster extruding machines, our microextrusion … Read more

Translational cell biologist at Peace of Meat (Germany or Belgium)

Peace of Meat is changing the way meat is produced and consumed for the benefit of a sustainable environment, enhanced human health and improved animal welfare.In order to advance the production of our cultured meat products, we are working closely with universities as well as commercial partners across Europe.We are expanding our team in Germany … Read more