BioBetter puts tobacco plants to positive use in cell-based meat production

BioBetter has uncovered a new application for the much-maligned Nicotiana tabacum tobacco plant upon discovering it can overcome the greatest hurdle in cultured meat – that of scaled production.In addition to presenting a cost-effective source of growth factors for protein cultivation, the Israeli food-tech player envisions this as an alternative revenue stream for tobacco producers … Read more

Mosa Meat reveals the secret to no-kill lab-grown meat ​that cuts costs by 80% | Sifted

Lab-grown meat startup Mosa Meat has revealed how it removed the controversial and costly ingredient, fetal bovine serum (FBS), from its process, a move which could be hugely beneficial for the industry. FBS has been a significant hurdle to the industry achieving commercial viability and price parity with traditional meat products. Mosa says its alternative … Read more

Aleph Farms Wacker growth media cultivated meat

Aleph Farms, a cultivated meat company, and WACKER, a supplier of protein production technologies, announced a partnership for the development of cost-effective growth medium proteins for cultivated meat. These proteins act as a nutrient-rich feed to help cells grow and mature into muscle, fat and collagen-producing cells. Although they’re central to promoting and supporting cell … Read more

UPSIDE Foods hails animal-component-free cell media for cell cultured (aka cultivated) meat

UPSIDE Foods’ cell media – the nutrient-rich broth it uses to feed cells that will turn into cell-cultured or cultivated meat – is now 100% ‘animal component free,’ says the California-based firm, which described the milestone as a “biological breakthrough.” Source: ‘A biological breakthrough…’ UPSIDE Foods hails animal-component-free cell media for cell cultured (aka cultivated) … Read more

South Korea’s CellMEAT Makes Fetal Bovine Serum-Free Cell Culture Media For 100% Ethical Cultivated Meat

The newly available culture is most likely the result of R&D carried out after a successful pre-Series A funding round earlier this year. Plans were in place to use the investment for investigations into potential cost-saving initiatives. Cell-based protein refining was cited as well. The new medium has been created by recombining the contents of … Read more

Meatable, DSM Partner to Lower Cost of Cultivated Meat

Meatable, the cultivated meat startup, has entered into a joint development agreement with Dutch multinational Royal DSM, a global purpose-led, science-based company active in nutrition, health and sustainable living, to co-develop growth media for cultivated meat. Growth media is a nutrient-rich liquid which contains the essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, salts, vitamins, and growth factors that … Read more

Start-up Biftek develops a growth medium supplement for “clean meat”

Turkish-US start-up Biftek produces a growth medium supplement made from lyophilised, bacteria-based serum to replace foetal bovine serum (FBS) in cell-cultured meat production, bringing the price down from $400 per litre to just $10 per litre. Source: Start-up develops a growth medium supplement for “clean meat”

Webinar The Science of Alt. Protein: Developing optimized media for cultivated meat production with Dr. David Block

The development of a plant-based, inexpensive media for growth of cultivated meat cells is a key technical hurdle in further commercialization of cultivated meat products. Generatinging a viable alternative to expensive pharmaceutical grade medium is not an easy problem to solve, as it requires experimental optimization of at least 20-30 potential media ingredients simultaneously. Join … Read more

“Truly animal-free” cellular meat collaboration: CPI and 3DBT examine alternatives to fetal bovine serum

The two companies are investigating alternatives to FBS, examining the development of cell feeding medium that incorporates a new class of growth-promoting supplements for increased biomass production. These supplements aim to eliminate the need for expensive FBS and be sourced from existing agro-industrial by-products, such as low-value raw materials like wood waste and chaff. This reduces … Read more