Milk producers weigh into cultivated meat labeling debate

While at first glance, milk producers might not appear to have any skin in the game in the debate over how to describe meat, poultry, and seafood grown in bioreactors, labeling decisions made by regulators could have broader ramifications beyond the meat industry, argue dairy industry stakeholders. Source: Milk producers weigh into cultivated meat labeling … Read more

Plant-based meat labeling bill passes Kansas House, restaurants exempt

The bill “is needed to protect consumers from deceptive labels,” said Rep. Joe Newland, R-Neodesha, who carried the bill on the House floor. “Meat labels require pre-approval from USDA, but no similar requirements exist for non-meat products.” Newland told the Capital-Journal that restaurants weren’t included in the bill because “our main consideration is that consumer … Read more

Cultivated meat, cell-cultured meat, lab-grown meat? Stakeholders weigh in on nomenclature as products near commercialization in US market

Comments submitted to USDA over how best to label meat and poultry made from animal cells grown outside of animals reflect the challenge facing US regulators as they seek to nail down nomenclature in this nascent market as startups in the space edge closer to commercialization. The comments – which you can read HERE​​ – … Read more

Cell-Cultured Meats Should be Distinctly Labeled, Ag Groups Tell USDA in Comments

“Meat as defined by the CFR, is the muscle of an animal. Lab-grown protein companies claim that their products give consumers the opportunity to consume a protein product that does not come directly from an animal but is rather grown from animal cells. Such a product can, at best, be classified as a ‘meat byproduct’ … Read more

Cell-based, cultured… or something else? The new seafood labeling challenge.

The Hallman study is significant because it followed a robust scientific process. Based on the analysis, we think the most appropriate terms are “cell-based” or “cell-cultured” meat or seafood, while the term “cultivated” without the word “cell” is misleading. A similar thorough analysis should be done for other types of meats. Source: Cell-based, cultured… or … Read more

SHIFT20: ‘Cell-based’ could be the best way to describe cell-cultured seafood on labels, suggests large consumer study

‘Lab-grown’ seafood is a food marketer’s nightmare. ‘Clean’ seafood carries the tacit implication that the regular stuff is dirty. ‘Cultivated’ seafood – a term that performed well in recent research on meat & poultry – could be confused with farmed fish. However, ‘cell-based’ – while not perfect – may be the best common or usual … Read more

Round one goes to Miyoko’s in ‘plant-based butter’ dispute with State of California

The dispute began late last year after Miyoko’s was told by the Department of Food & Agriculture to drop the terms ‘butter,’​ ​‘lactose-free,’ hormone-free’ and ‘cruelty-free,’ from its plant-based butter product (which is made from coconut oil, sunflower oil and cashew nuts) because “it is not a dairy product.” ​​​Miyoko’s – which said it was given no choice … Read more

Md. bill would restrict what foods may be labeled “meat”

“Laboratory-grown meat will become more prevalent in the future, and this bill will proactively prevent these franken-meat alternatives from being labeled as meat,” Gallion said at Thursday’s bill hearing.“We just think it’s unnecessary. Not only are our members in full compliance with all federal regulations on the subject, but we’ve even gone beyond that with … Read more

Fake meat deserves the same regulations and oversight as beef

As consumers, we sometimes seek out these imitation products as a cheaper or more readily available alternative to the original, but most often we would prefer the real deal. After all, the name itself implies that the original is better than the fake version. Source: Fake meat deserves the same regulations and oversight as beef