A deeper dive into plant-based meat sales in 2021

New U.S. retail data commissioned by the Good Food Institute and the Plant Based Foods Association from SPINS shows that plant-based food dollar sales grew six percent in 2021, three times faster than overall food sales, bringing the total market to $7.4 billion. In the past three years, total plant-based foods have consistently outpaced total … Read more

Plant-based protein, State of the Industry Report

This report offers unique insight into a ground-breaking year for the plant-based food industry. GFI’s industry-leading analysis delves into retail sales data, new product development, investment analytics, scientific and technical advancements, consumer insights, regulatory developments, and more. Source: Plant-based protein | State of the Industry Report | GFI

Chinese Consumers’ Attitudes and Potential Acceptance toward Artificial Meat

The interest for artificial meat has recently expanded. However, from the literature, perception of artificial meat in China is not well known. A survey was thus carried out to investigate Chinese attitudes toward artificial meat. The answers of 4666 respondents concluded that 19.9% and 9.6% of them were definitely willing and unwilling to try artificial … Read more

Tiny Organisms, Huge Potential

But there is a rising star on the alternative protein scene—a versatile platform that is simultaneously familiar and well established yet completely underexplored and untapped for its true potential within the alternative protein sector. Microbial fermentation can create a novel center-of-plate experience as a standalone ingredient or provide a functional or sensory boost so subtle … Read more

Synthetic (Cultured) Meat Market to Gain a Stronghold by 2023

Synthetic meat is produced by in vitro animal cell culture through tissue engineering techniques. The synthetic (cultured) meat is produced by accumulating cells from an animal and developing them in an enriched and favorable medium. The final meat produced is thus free from any of the harmful organism as it is grown in aseptic and … Read more

Alternative Meat Market Set To See Solid Growth

The global alternative meat market is forecast to keep growing in the US, helped by increasing interest in diets such as vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian.   According to GlobalData, the alternative meat market was worth US$3.8bn in 2018 and is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.32%, reaching US$6bn by 2023. Source: … Read more