Mosa Meat (Kinda) Open Sources Its Method For Cultivating Meat Without FBS

And this week, the company made news again with the publication of a paper on its method for achieving muscle differentiation through a process they describe as ‘serum-starvation.’ According to Mosa, it’s through the differentiating of cells into fibers that result in the structure and chew of meat, and it’s within the muscle fibers that … Read more

I tried the world’s first no-kill, lab-grown chicken burger

The result is the signature dish of a new venture in Israel, the Chicken, the world’s first cultured meat restaurant experience. Still closed to the public owing to coronavirus restrictions, the eatery near Tel Aviv opened its doors to the Guardian for the first private visit by a journalist. Source: I tried the world’s first … Read more

SuperMeat Has Its Own Restaurant Dedicated to Cell-Based Chicken

Restaurants are often an important stop for cell-based protein companies on the road to progress and eventual ubiquitousness, since they’re an obvious testing ground for prototypes. But as Fast Company pointed out today, Israel-based alt-protein company SuperMeat took that idea a step further and opened an entire restaurant dedicated to testing cell-based chicken products. Source: … Read more