BioBetter puts tobacco plants to positive use in cell-based meat production

BioBetter has uncovered a new application for the much-maligned Nicotiana tabacum tobacco plant upon discovering it can overcome the greatest hurdle in cultured meat – that of scaled production.In addition to presenting a cost-effective source of growth factors for protein cultivation, the Israeli food-tech player envisions this as an alternative revenue stream for tobacco producers … Read more

What Will the Future of Plant-Based Meat Look Like?

In late 2021, Impossible Foods announced a record-breaking $500 million investment round to fuel the future of plant-based protein ahead of an anticipated IPO in early 2022. The decade-old startup is gaining ground on rival Beyond Meat, a publicly traded company that’s experienced some stock market fluctuations due to the pandemic. But with such impressive … Read more

Revo Foods unveils 3D-printed plant-based salmon

Austrian-based Revo Foods announced on Facebook it will host what it believes is the ‘world’s first’ public tasting event for its 3D-printed, plant-based ‘Salmon with Attitude’ at a restaurant in Vienna on 6 March. “​The future of seafood has arrived!”​ it wrote. “After countless of hours spent on R&D, we are happy to announce that … Read more

MIT develops method for lab-grown plants that eventually lead to alternatives to forestry and farming

Researchers at MIT have developed a new method for growing plant tissues in a lab — sort of like how companies and researchers are approaching lab-grown meat. The process would be able to produce wood and fibre in a lab environment, and researchers have already demonstrated how it works in concept by growing simple structures … Read more

Beyond Meat Launches Minced Pork Product in China

Beyond Meat debuted its new plant-based pork product made specifically for the Chinese market yesterday, according to a report in Green Queen. Called Beyond Pork, the new offering is minced and meant to be used in a variety of Asian dishes including dumplings, spring rolls and on ramen.Beyond Pork will be available at a number … Read more

Nestlé enters market for plant-based seafood alternatives

Nestlé today announced the launch of a plant-based alternative to tuna, its first move into the growing market for plant-based seafood alternatives.The plant-based tuna alternative can be used in a wide range of dishes such as salads, sandwiches and pizzas. It has the flaky texture and rich flavor that makes tuna a favorite in many … Read more

Legendary Vish Creates Plant-based Salmon through 3D Bioprinting

To create a more sustainable seafood option, three Ph.D. students decided to apply their experience in 3D bioprinting. The result is the Austrian startup Legendary Vish, which uses plant-based ingredients and 3D bioprinting to re-create a realistic salmon fillet. Source: Legendary Vish Creates Plant-based Salmon through 3D Bioprinting

Plant-Based Sushi Startup Ocean Hugger Foods Falls Victim to COVID-19, Ceases Operations

The company, which had raised $500,000 in late 2019, had been gaining traction through much of 2019 for vegan sushi products as it reeled in wins at select Whole Foods and quick service restaurants such as Ahipoki.But once COVID-19 hit, the bulk of the company’s customers closed down for months and, as a result, Ocean … Read more