webinar : Producing meat without the animal

Cellular agriculture is an emerging field that has the potential to mitigate many of the issues within our food systems and provide an alternative solution. You may be wondering – what is cellular agriculture? Cellular agriculture, also known as cultured or cultivated meat, is where agricultural products (such as meat, milk, and leather) are produced … Read more

Cultured meat is set to revolutionize the food industry

Eliminating the need to breed, raise and slaughter animals for food, clean meat – which is also known as cultured, cultivated or cell-based meat– offers a way to reduce the environmental impact of traditional meat production.Figures suggest that, compared to conventionally produced European meat, clean meat has the potential to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions … Read more

Where’s the beef? Israeli company developing lab-grown steak

While lab-grown meat is in development around the world, Israel’s Aleph Farms claims to be the first company to develop steak in a laboratory. And as Heather Yourex-West explains, Canadian beef producers aren’t buying into what’s being labelled as a kinder, cleaner alternative to the real deal. Source: Where’s the beef? Israeli company developing lab-grown … Read more