Cultured meat that looks and handles like real meat

MeaTech 3D Ltd., a relatively new international food technology company specializing in cultured meat, demonstrated a significant improvement in its differentiation process from stem cells to muscle fibers. The company has succeeded in accelerating the formation of real living muscle fibers and enhancing their quality to mirror key characteristics of farm-raised meat. Source: Cultured meat … Read more

A Chinese Biotech Startup Could Best Conventional Meat Prices by 2025

Shanghai-based biotech startup CellX believes it has the technical know-how to address the challenges facing lab-grown meat and is the first company to offer it in China. Making up 30 percent of the global demand, China is the largest consumer of meat with an annual consumption of 86 million tons, Reuters reported. Lab-grown meat holds … Read more

Aleph Farms 3D Prints the First Beef Steak in Space

The Israeli biotech’s experiment is the first proof that meat can be grown in outer space. Aleph Farms created the meat using a 3D bioprinter developed by the Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions. The experiment has now opened the door to a future where astronauts can grow their own meat on space exploration missions.“Space is … Read more