Israeli cell-based meat start-up Aleph Farms to develop cultivated collagen

Rehovot-based cultured meat company Aleph Farms plans to add cell-based collagen to its production line in a bid to tackle the unsustainability of cattle farming.The new product will be made from the cells of cows, a process which does not harm the animal, and hopes to reduce the intensive animal slaughtering practices which currently produce … Read more

Analysis of the Cultured Meat Production System in Function of Its Environmental Footprint: Current Status, Gaps and Recommendations

Cultured meat has been presented as an environmentally friendlier option to conventional meat, but due to the limited data, the studies related to its performance are scarce and based on hypothetical production processes. This work provides a short literature review of the published environmental assessments of cultured meat. The main findings of this critical analysis … Read more

Gelatex gets $1.2m to grow its cheap cultured meat tools

Enter Gelatex, an Estonian materials startup which says it can cut the cost of producing cultured meat by “up to 90%”. It’s not creating the meat itself, but selling scaffolds — sheets made from nanofibrous materials like soy protein, which provide the structural support for cell growth — to other firms to use to create … Read more

Scaffolding Biomaterials for 3D Cultivated Meat: Prospects and Challenges

Cultivating meat from stem cells rather than by raising animals is a promising solution to concerns about the negative externalities of meat production. For cultivated meat to fully mimic conventional meat’s organoleptic and nutritional properties, innovations in scaffolding technology are required. Many scaffolding technologies are already developed for use in biomedical tissue engineering. However, cultivated … Read more

Future Meat opens world’s first cultured meat facility

Israeli food-tech company Future Meat Technologies, which has developed innovative technology to produce cultured meat, has announced that it has opened the world’s first industrial cultured meat facility. The Rehovot-based company says that it has the manufacturing capacity to produce 500 kilograms of cultured products a day, equivalent to 5,000 hamburgers. Source: Future Meat opens … Read more

Webinar The Science of Alt. Protein: Developing optimized media for cultivated meat production with Dr. David Block

The development of a plant-based, inexpensive media for growth of cultivated meat cells is a key technical hurdle in further commercialization of cultivated meat products. Generatinging a viable alternative to expensive pharmaceutical grade medium is not an easy problem to solve, as it requires experimental optimization of at least 20-30 potential media ingredients simultaneously. Join … Read more

Aleph Farms Debuts Commercial Production Platform for Cultivated Steak, Starts Construction of Its ‘BioFarm’

Today, Aleph Farms announced a platform for the commercial production of its cultivated beef steak. The company says this platform will allow it to eventually produce meat grown from cells of a living cow affordably at scale, putting its cultivated steak at price parity with factory farmed meat. The new production process is the first … Read more

The Future of Food: Will you eat lab-grown meat? Your pet will.

This limitation in the texture of lab-grown meat could inhibit its commercial viability, since many people will want more variety. But commercial pet food is a different story — it’s ground up or dried to begin with. And so the first lab-grown meat people buy might end up being for their pets, not themselves. Source: … Read more

This Belgian Company Is Growing Animal Fat and Liver In a Lab

Peace of Meat is on a mission to transform the multi-billion dollar meat industry. The Belgian startup has developed its first products: cultured animal fat and liver. Per Vegconomist, the company has produced 20 grams of cultured animal fat as proof of concept. In a decade, with the right facilities, the startup believes it can produce … Read more