Aleph Farms Wacker growth media cultivated meat

Aleph Farms, a cultivated meat company, and WACKER, a supplier of protein production technologies, announced a partnership for the development of cost-effective growth medium proteins for cultivated meat. These proteins act as a nutrient-rich feed to help cells grow and mature into muscle, fat and collagen-producing cells. Although they’re central to promoting and supporting cell … Read more

A cow’s worth of protein every two minutes – how fermentation could feed millions

Sustainable protein companies are building on age-old methods of making products like tempeh to produce foods that deliver the distinctive flavours and textures of animal products, without farming animals. Innomy and Libre Foods in Spain, Sweden’s Mycorena, Germany’s Mushlabs and The Protein Brewery in the Netherlands are just some of the European startups using fermentation … Read more

Chinese agrifood tech VC raises millions, invests in feed, crop technology and protein portfolios

Bits x Bites invests across the food supply chain, from precision agriculture, crop and animal health to protein alternatives and nutrition. To date, it has invested in startups that are advancing gene editing for high-performing crops, agricultural drones, low-GI carbohydrates, as well as cost-efficient cell-based meat production without an actual animal. Altogether, Bits x Bites … Read more

Clara Foods launches animal-free pepsin: ‘We want to accelerate the world’s transition to animal-free proteins’

The animal-free pepsin – ​which will be distributed by Ingredion​​ – has the same functionality as the animal-derived variety, with the added benefits of “safe and consistent sourcing, quality control, price stability and vastly increased sustainability,”​ said San Francisco-based Clara Foods​​, which is best-known for using engineered microbes to express egg proteins (minus the chickens). Source: … Read more

Founded by an Impossible Foods and Google data scientist, Climax Foods raises $7.5 million to tackle the cheesiest market

The pitch to investors is similar to the one that Josh Tetrick made at Just Food (the company formerly known as Hampton Creek). It’s elegant in its simplicity — scan the natural world for proteins that have the same or better characteristics than those that are currently made by animals and make products with them. … Read more

Alt Protein Conference – Transforming the Future of Food – Wednesday, Sep 2nd – Thursday, Sep 3rd, 2020

The Protein Directory and Cell Agri are proud to present the Alt Protein Conference 2020 with a focus on the new wave of future food companies transforming the business of tomorrow.Join us for a 2-day virtual conference to learn about the latest business trends and best practices to transform the future of food with cellular … Read more

Seaweed-Based Protein: French Biomarine Startup Algaia Scores US$2.4M To Improve Plant Meat Texture

Algaia, a French biomarine ingredient company specialising in seaweed natural extracts, has just completed a US$2.4 million investment round, which it says it will spend on developing a new range of seaweed-based solutions that can be used to create plant-based substitutes. The company has seen double-digit growth over the past years, as demand for seaweed-based … Read more